#starsandbites: a food journey to New York and London!

imageDear Blog reader

By the time you read this Blogpost I will have arrived in New York, for what is the most exciting journey I have ever undertaken, focusing on the best restaurants in the Big Apple as well as in London.

I have never had a bucket list, and have been fortunate that over the years I have traveled with my son Alex to some of the world’s leading cities, including London, Paris, different cities in Germany, Sydney and Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Mauritius, and Mallorca. I have never previously focused on a theme such as food and restaurants, which is what this trip is all about!

Many of my friends do not know that I once was married, and that I have been divorced for 35 years. Following a visit earlier this year to Cape Town by my ex-husband Gabriël de Kock, originally from Jongensklip near Caledon and now living in New York, to attend the funeral of his late sister, he invited me to visit him and his wife in the Big Apple. I was shocked with surprise, but decided to accept, such an invitation not presenting itself every day! I have decided to share this, as the reaction from those to whom I have told this story has been met with disbelief that one can have such a good relationship with a former husband. The Immigration man at JF Kennedy asked where I was staying, and when I told him, he said he has never heard such a story, and that I should come back and tell him how it went!

Not only has my ex-husband been very generous with the invitation to visit, but he also excelled in the bookings he managed to make when I told him that I would like to try New York’s top restaurants, despite him not being a ‘foodie’ at all!   He deserves a yearful of Sweet Service Awards!!!  I will not reveal the restaurant names yet, but will obviously document my experiences about each of them on my Blog.

Similarly, I have been extremely lucky to have top restaurant reservations made for me in and near London.

The Restaurants booked are a mix of Michelin star and World’s 50 Best Restaurants, selected from the most current (2016) list.  Other than having eaten at The Test Kitchen and La Colombe locally, and JAN Restaurant in Nice, I have not eaten at restaurants of the caliber I am booked for.

I am grateful to all who have assisted in making the bookings, and to the many recommendations which I have received. I wish to thank Seth Shezi in particular, for sharing his restaurant recommendations in one of his favorite cities, and for colouring my life and my Blog, in having taught me Instagram a mere three months ago.

I am behind on my local restaurant reviews and other blogposts, so I will intersperse my local blogposts with those sharing my New York and London food experiences.

I have created the hashtag #starsandbites, which I will use in my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts in the next month. I look forward to taking you along with me on my exciting food journey!

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