Sweet Service Award goes to Blaque handbag shop; Sour Service Award goes to Uber Rio De Janeiro!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Blaque handbag shop in Alto Palermo in Buenos Aires, and the staff member who spoke good English when I shopped for handbags there, as well as another staff member who served me on a subsequent visit, exchanging one of the bags with a new one when the zip was not working properly.

The Sour Service Award goes to Uber Rio de Janeiro, for not allowing me to use my credit card for the service, the first such experience, forcing me to pay in cash. On further investigation it appears that one can only use a Brazilian bank credit card to pay for the Uber service. Instead of communicating this to non-Brazilian Uber users, I tried to make payment from both my credit cards, both with sufficient funds yet both rejected by Uber. I wrote to Uber via the Help page of the App, and had to wait for 18 fours for a reply. When it arrived, it was written in Portuguese!  Almost 24 hours after my message and explanation of the problem to Uber, translating their Portuguese message into English, I was requested to translate my query to them in Brazilian Portuguese! What a joke! I am now travelling with a negotiated-rate taxi service organised by the hotel. 

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