Sweet Service Award goes to KONG; Sour Service Award goes to Sandak-Lewin!

The Sweet Service Award goes to KONG Bar & Grill in De Waterkant, where I have watched the last two Rugby World Cup matches, have eaten a dinner, and went to dance yesterday evening. The service by the managers Dave Mitchell and Grant Grobbellar is beyond standard, always friendly, and checking that all is in order. Their chefs are amazing and last night sent a complimentary plate of Valrhona chocolate and beetroot as well as a cinnamon ice creams to where I was dancing upstairs, knowing my weakness for ice cream.

The Sour Service Award goes to Sandak-Lewin Trust property management company. I have had the displeasure of dealing with the company since I moved into my apartment 15 months ago. Invoice queries are not replied to, maintenance issues are ignored, emails are ignored, and bias demonstrated in sensitive Body Corporate politics. While the service was not great when Werner Schoonraad looked after our block, it has sunk to a new low since Greg Anderson took over our block as portfolio manager six months ago. He has refused to meet with me or to visit our block, or to meet our Building Manager, who is meant to report to the portfolio manager. Anderson treats us women Trustees/owners disrespectfully, forcing decisions as to which quotes to accept for repair work, a shocking chauvinistic action. All correspondence regarding my complaints about the dreadful Service, addressed to its MD Carl Smit, has been completely ignored to date!  


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2 replies on “Sweet Service Award goes to KONG; Sour Service Award goes to Sandak-Lewin!”

  1. Marina says:

    This is nothing,
    Sandak Lewin published financials of arrears tennants in our block and distributed it.
    They even aired peoples private summons for arrears in that publishment
    Now they put it on a public Chat group…Privacy Act means nothing.
    The best part, the tenant pays part of its levy to CSOS, which is a support system for the Body corporate, not the tenant. Found that out in email today.

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