The Sweet Service Award goes to Mainstreet Computers in Hermanus, and its owner Johanns. Recently I laid a charge against Mike Pierce at the Hermanus police station for trespassing, and breaking and entering, and had to provide proof of warnings to Pierce to not enter my property. For that I needed to print out warning emails at the closest copy shop I found. In doing so, I realised that I had left my handbag in my car, which I had left at the house of a friend in Cape Town, and had to ask Johanns if I could return later in the day to pay the R22,5o for the email printouts, being able to borrow the money from a friend. To my shock and surprise, he agreed. It was an amazing sign of trust, even if for a small amount, to a customer he had never met before.
The Sour Service Award goes to Kauai in Camps Bay. Yesterday I went to claim a Select Breakfast reward from Discovery Vitality. The staff member rattled off five options, of which one was a Smashed Avo, which is what I selected. I was surprised that it had no poached eggs on it, as I had ordered it as a special Vitality deal the week before. I was told that it doesn’t come with the eggs, despite the dish also costing R39 as the special, and mentions Select Breakfast underneath the photograph of the deal on the counter! The manager was called, but he seemed so lightweight that I decided to not spoil my Women’s Day, and to rather take it up with their head office and with Discovery. 

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