Sweet Service Award goes to McQueens Pride & Groom; Sour Service Award to Woolworths on Kloof Street!


The Sweet Service Award goes to McQueens Pride & Groom (what a lovely name), for its facial, and added to that the treat of a hand and foot massage for the duration of the facial. The therapist was chatty and friendly and the hour flew by. As some of the cream got into my hair, I was further spoilt with a hair wash and blow by Glen in the BloStyle Bar. The treat was kindly organized by Marina Nestel, brand ambassador of McQueens. 


The Sour Service Award goes to Woolworths in Lifestyle on Kloof, on Kloof Street, for two negative service incidents in one shopping visit. In the vegetable department I asked a staff member if they have Mozzarella slices, as the cheese fridge is located there, and without flinching he told me that they don’t stock this line as it is a smaller Woolworths Food Store.  Every Woolworths I have shopped at stocks these slices, with Gouda as well as Cheddar slices, the latter two which were in the cheese fridge. I insisted, and he went to look, only to come back to say they don’t have any. The cashier was grumpy, and rude, and when I told her that, she retorted that I am rude. I asked her to call the manager. I had to stop her packing the bag, as she was putting delicate items at the bottom of the bag, which would have been squashed. When I stopped her, she started muttering in Xhosa, and started dropping some of my shopping items on the floor, having a real tantrum, even in front of the manager, and then ran off from her till, which meant someone else had to take over. The supervisor did not know what had been charged or not, and so I was charged for seven roast vine tomato boxes, instead of three, so I had to go through a lengthy refund procedure, all in all a most unpleasant shopping experience, not the first at this branch!

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