Sweet Service Award goes to Olive Branch Deli; Sour Service Award to Vodacom!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Olive Branch Deli and its co-owner Omeros Demetriou, for his advice in guiding me in the decision to buy a Yoco credit card machine, which I have used on numerous occasions as a customer in their Deli. Omeros even called Yoco on my behalf, to check the paperwork requirements, and stock availability. I went to Yoco on Shortmarket Street later in the afternoon, and within an hour I was set up with a credit card machine. Olive Branch Deli is a great ambassador for Yoco!

The Sour Service Award goes to Vodacom, for its pathetic service. A month ago I did a Migration, on the advice of one of the staff at its Waterfront Branch, to its uChoose More Data 2GB package. A month later the bill reflected a double charge for the handset installment of R526,32. I requested Roger, the branch person handling customer service, to reverse the charge, as I wanted to pay the account. He was adamant that he goes home at 17h00, and told me to call the accounts department the following day, the Waterfront Branch  having no one on duty between 17h00 and 21h00 to handle customer service. I called, and was immediately cut off by Dimpho in the call centre. I had a longer conversation with Jaylee on my second call, but she was adamant that she could not see the March account (on 4 April!), on her computer, it only showing her information until 28 February. She told me to call Vodacom’s Customer Service on 082111. However this number is no longer in operation and I now had to call 082135. Stephen was the most organised of all the call centre staff I spoke to. He said that it could take up to fourteen days to have the double charge reversed. I said that this timing is unacceptable, as the company would cut off my service, as I had deducted one double charge from my payment. He told me that he could not guarantee anything. I reminded him that this is an error created by Vodacom and not by me. He told me that he would ‘escalate’ the query and gave me a reference number! I’m holding thumbs.

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