Sweet Service Award goes to Out of the Blue; Sour Service Award goes to ANPA jewelers!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Out of the Blue clothing shop, and its owner Diane Armstrong, for the amazing service recovery in a very disappointing experience at the Franschhoek branch. I had popped in on a recent visit, looking for a Medium black long Top, which the store did not have in my size, so the assistant Hilary entered it into the computer as an order, I having to guarantee that I would buy it, but I needed to know when it would arrive in Franschhoek, returning to Cape Town two days later. We had to wait for the computer to message her an answer! As this took too long, I left my phone number with her. Not having heard from her for two hours, I went past the shop again, only finding her colleague there. She said that the person I had dealt with would call me the following day, to tell me that it was unlikely that the top would get to Franschhoek on time. I was astounded at this lack of interest in making a sale.  Somehow this experience got to the owner Diane, and from here onwards the service experience was astounding, Diane inviting me to go back and choose a dress as compensation or even better, offered to deliver one to my home in Camps Bay. I returned, found a very dynamic Ineth on the floor, the benchmark of service excellence, and I landed up buying two extra items in the shop, and had the black top in my size delivered to my home. Astounding service. 

The Sour Service Award goes to ANPA in Franschhoek, a jewelry store. I had discovered a sister branch in Kalk Bay recently, loved its jewelry displays by type of gem, and had succumbed to a pearl choker there, largely due to the excellent service of its staff member. Seeing the shop in Franschhoek on a visit to the village last week, I went inside, and asked to see the pearl display. The assistant told me that they have nothing, but then she pointed to the far corner at the opposite end of the shop, to a display cabinet full of Pearl items! She seemed disinterested in doing her job, possibly because it was close to closing time. I returned the following day, looking for a plain 50 cm silver chain, and a colleague of hers showed me the selection they have, but had to look at each chain individually to see its length. Instead of doing so, she kept staring at me. I wanted to get on with my shopping, and expressed my annoyance with her lack of service. Her colleague took over, only to find that they had no chains in my requested size. I called Co-owner Patrizia Litty, and she listened to my feedback, about the chalk and cheese service in her two branches, and she wanted to go the ‘I only receive compliments about my staff’ route with me, but stopped herself. I would not return to the Franschhoek branch.

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