Sweet Service Award goes to Rainbow Camps Bay; Sour Service Award goes to UBER!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Rainbow swimwear store in Camps Bay, and its Manager Juanita McSweeney, for her kindness in lending the City of Cape Town cleaner a dustpan while he was sweeping the pavements, not having been provided with a dustpan by his employer. I popped into Rainbow, and asked if they had a piece of paper or cardboard for him to scoop the dirt up with, to throw away. Juanita immediately offered him the use of the store dustpan for the rest of the afternoon. 


The Sour Service Award goes to UBER in Cape Town, with two drivers acting unprofessionally out of three trips I traveled with on Sunday 17 November. At midday I needed to be at GrandWest to attend the Eat Out Awards. I was not greeted by the driver when I got into the car. Two minutes before arriving at the venue, the driver asked me where I have to be and which entrance he should use. I only know the main entrance, and explained to him where he should drop me off. He then requested R10 from me to get out of the complex. I have never had to pay anything extra and he went on and on, saying that he had no money on him, I told him to drop me off at the booms at the entrance, but he told me that he is not allowed to do that. He did eventually drive me to the parking area, from which we could travel with Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the entrance of the Grand Arena. 

Later that evening I had to see clients in the Waterfront, and booked an UBER to drive me back home, and to drop the clients off in town, which he did without hesitation. He then started flirting with me, asking me my age and who lives with me, and then told me he has to drive so slowly because he is not sure if he has enough petrol in the vehicle and hopes that he can get home after dropping me off! Wow, direct begging and inappropriate behaviour, something I’ve never experienced on UBER before. 


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