Sweet Service Award goes to River Café; Sour Service Award goes to Soyogi!

The Sweet Service Award goes to River Café in Franschhoek and its delightful assistant who served me when I went to buy ice cream there on a very hot day. Standing in a queue with other customers, the young lady was called out of the kitchen to assist me, and allowed me to photograph their ice creams from the other side of the counter. I was intrigued by their black Charcoal ice cream, so she proudly came to my table to explain how it is made, she having made the ice cream, as her manager who normally makes it had the day off on that day. She told me the recipe of how it is made, and brought me the bottle of Activated Charcoal she added to give it the black color. She was so proud of her job, a rarity to see in Franschhoek! It was clear that this was a popular stop, with a number of other  customers sitting outside and enjoying the ice creams too, very reasonably charged at R25 for two scoops.

The Sour Service Award goes to Soyogi in Franschhoek, in the former space of Gelato Mania next to Col’Cacchio on the main road. I was intrigued by the new name, and went inside. It was empty other than the staff member, who was completely disinterested, asking me to repeat my question because the music was so loud. She turned down the volume, and basically told me to read the walls as to how to help myself from the Wakaberry style ice cream and frozen yoghurt machines. It does not show how much a bowl, available in two sizes, costs, so I asked her. She said they charge per weight. I asked her to estimate how much a small bowlful would cost. She then mumbled something about how many ml it contains, which confused me completely in terms of gram or millilitre measure, and then told me that it would typically cost about R36. It was beyond expensive in my experience, so I left. Surprisingly, this outlet as well as River Café both belong to the Col’Cacchio owner Tony, so I went to see him at Col’Cacchio, to give him feedback of my two contrasting experiences at his outlets, but he was not there. I left my number for him to call me, but he has not returned my call in the past two days!

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