Sweet Service Award goes to Sea Point Dental Studio; Sour Service Award goes to Nu-Line Lifts !



The Sweet Service Award goes to Sea Point Dental Studio, for its excellent service in making two dental appointments to attend to a crown which had come loose, and which needed gel impressions for a replacement crown. Despite being a brand new client, I was accommodated within 24 hours for each of my appointments.

The Sour Service Award goes to Nu-Line lift company and its Service Supervisor Bradley Marais, who came to meet with me after he arrived at our Ebbtide apartment block a week prior without an appointment. Nu-Line installed the lift about eight years ago, and services it monthly. Despite numerous complaints lodged to the service technicians about the noise of the lift when operating, when carrying renters of the apartments, and when it changes brakes, and transmitting noise of parties held in other apartments, and the smell of weed smoked in these party apartments, no action was ever taken by Nu-Line in the four years since I have lived in the building! Bradley was reacting to a lift engineer’s report, which found after an inspection that the brake noise is excessively loud, that there is a whistle noise when operating, and that there is no sound dampening in the lift shaft. Bradley arrived, stating immediately that the noise of the lift is not excessive, and that any recommendations made by the Lift engineers were unlikely to make any difference in dampening the noise. He became disrespectful, and commented age and gender discriminatingly to my face. It was very hard to not ask him to leave, he was so rude. Fortunately our Building Manager was in the meeting with us. Despite a request for the MD of Nu-Line to call me he has not done so in three days!


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