Sweet Service Award goes to Sorbet; Sour Service Award goes to Indulge Aesthetics!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Sorbet Camps Bay, the Branch to which I switched earlier this week, having been with the Sea Point Mall Branch for the past two years. I now live in Camps Bay, but out of habit I kept going back to the Sea Pont Branch. Walking past the Camps Bay Branch, which is at the back of The Promenade Centre, and to which I can walk, I gave it a try earlier this week, and returned two days later, loving the peacefulness and professionalism of the staff in doing a leg wax and mini pedicure. I was informed that I had R250 in points, which was deducted from my total due, leaving a small amount to pay. They do a birthday 50% discount too, already diarised for next month. Lauren did the waxing, with extreme thoroughness, even using a tweezer to remove some of the leg hairs which did not come off with the waxing. It did not hurt at all. Wisaal is the Senior at the Branch, and her calmness and friendliness comes through in how everyone deals with the customers. 

The Sour Service Award goes to Indulge Aesthetics, and its owner Colleen Ricketts, operating from London House un Sea Point. She makes the misleading promise to transform one’s face to make it look ten years younger after a series of ten treatments, done twice a week. Its anti-ageing service opposes surgical facelifts, and sounded like a more natural option, the muscles underneath the face skin being stimulated with a Dr Brand machine. The problem started right at the beginning, with full payment of R5500 requested. I refused, some alarm bells ringing already, and agreed to pay weekly, after every two treatments. Colleen took a photograph of my face at the first appointment! She kept telling me how amazing my face looks, but no friend told me that it looked fabulous, and I could not see it in the mirror either, so I told her so, leading her to sulk! Then she started using a credit card machine that was tedious and onerous, often not working; once hounded me about an appointment which I had not cancelled (it being payday Friday); and when she wanted me to pay for three treatments in one go, two of which had not been done yet, and the credit card machine once again went on the blink, I decided that I had had enough, cancelling the last two treatments. Colleen appears to be dreadfully short of money, spinning me a story of having to close off her books, at the beginning of this month! She tried to get me to buy face creams, giving me a sample to try, and wanted to sell me face peels as well whilst she was doing the ten-course treatment with the machine! She is a dishonest amateur operator, and should be avoided at all costs! I have demanded that she repay me money, but I have not seen it yet, she probably having spent it already!  

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