Sweet Service Award goes to the Travel Clinic; Sour Service Award goes to Discovery Vitality!

The Sweet Service Award goes to the Travel Clinic, and its Dr Etienne Fourie and assistant Debbie Gresak, who managed to squeeze me in with no booking for a Yellowfever vaccination for an overseas trip, having been recommended by Grant from the Bantry Bay Pharmacy. Debbie did the paper work, spoke to the doctor to squeeze me in before a delayed patient, and offered to claim for part of the cost from Discovery! Excellent friendly service,

The Sour Service Award goes to Discovery Vitality, for making it almost impossible to book a flight to London via their website, via their partner kulula, which does the local and overseas flight reservations for their Rewards program. Since joining Discovery a year ago, this was my first flight booking. The promise of 30% off on an overseas flight has been a great incentive to keep fit, and to achieve Gold status last year, and almost there this year already. I went to the Discovery Shop in Sea Point, for booking assistance, and was immediately told that I would not get get 30% off a booking for a departure date only two weeks away, six weeks being the minimum period for the Reward discount. I did however get a 10% discount. When the dates were entered, I was only offered BA flights to London, with no Emirates choice, their flights being considerably cheaper. We found a more reasonably priced BA flight, at over R11000 for a one way ticket (compared to the R23000 one-way tickets on most other dates), but then I could not change my name and surname details as per my passport, the Discovery system not allowing any amendments to the details they have for one, which means that I will never be able to book an international flight via their Reward system! Discovery only offers the discount on the base fare, and has the cheek to charge a booking fee of R380! 

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