Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths Hout Bay; Sour Service Award goes to EbbTide apartment 201!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths in Hout Bay, and its Assistant Manager Claudia. I went shopping at the store on Wednesday, and we had to wait for quite a while in the queue to pay. Claudia came up to us, apologising for the wait. At the till I was not greeted, but told to go to another till, but then told to stay, back and forth after quite a wait in the queue. I expressed my irritation to the cashier,  Claudia observed the interaction and came to the till, took my name and number, and called me after about 15 minutes, saying that the cashier had been dealt with, and thanking me for the feedback. She told me that they have a new store manager, and that they are working on the many complaints they have been receiving about their cashiers. Wow!

The Sour Service Award goes to EbbTide Apartment 201 in Camps Bay, and its owner and staff, for its shocking service to a group of French tourists which had booked the three bedroom apartment for three days at the cost of R22000. At about 18h00 on Thursday last week two Frenchmen blocked our garage entrance. I asked them what they wanted. They told me in broken English that they wanted to see apartment 201 about a check-in which was due to have happened the previous day, but was cancelled due to a different name on a credit card. They had paid R22000 for a three day stay, and their money was taken by Booking.com. They wanted their money back. I knew night security Joseph was on his way to the building, and as the owner Sacha Jack didn’t reply to the email I had sent her, I invited them to wait in my apartment, rather than sitting on the pavement outside.  Joseph eventually arrived at EbbTide at 19h00, and knew nothing about the guests. He called the booking manager Elize Sewell, but she did not answer her phone. He messaged her and she replied that the booking was cancelled. Boom! Joseph got hold of one of her staff Moses, who told him the same. I had to help translate the Frenchmen’s information to Joseph, to pass on to Elize and Moses. The Frenchmen left, being shown the apartment, with the confirmation that the apartment was resold for at least one of their three nights, and with Sacha’s  email address, which I provided to them in the interest of customer service! 


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