Sweet Service Award to Woolworths; Sour Service Award goes to Wesley Thomas!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths in the Waterfront, and its Manager Warren Sitzer. I received poor service in looking to buy wine glasses in the Homeware department, so poor that I went to buy some at @Home instead. At Country Road inside the Woolworths store I wanted to pay for a top, but there was no staff member to be seen. I wanted to relate both service issues to a manager, and Warren listened, apologised with charm, and brought me some roses. He said he remembered my son and I shopping at the Paarl Mall branch more than ten years ago, when we lived in Franschhoek. He also shared the amazing developments lying ahead for this Waterfront branch. He invited me to chat to him at any time that I experience any problems at this branch. Wow! 

The Sour Service Award goes to BOSS model Wesley Thomas, for his harassment and disparagement at Dizzy’s in Camps Bay late on Sunday evening, clearly inebriated when he arrived with his dog, while I was dancing there and minding my own business. He hit me with a torrent of verbal abuse about the ‘cheek’ I had to award Berman Brothers and their GM (his girlfriend) Dante Roets a Sour Service Award recently, and was personally disparaging too. He recognised me from Instagram, where Dante had written a long diatribe! The Dizzy’s manager told me that Wesley is a regular customer to the Bar, very well behaved when sober, but abusive and aggressive when he has been drinking. The manager reported the incident to the owners. His friends Luke and Ashley were very friendly and tried to stop his abuse, with their apologies. I had to leave when he made it so unpleasant to be there.

POSTSCRIPT 12/11:  I received a voice note from Wesley Thomas, after an attempt to call earlier, to apologise for his bad behaviour at Dizzy’s, admitting to being so inebriated that he had no recollection of the evening. He explained that he had a bad day, and had drunk too much, which was no excuse in what he said to me, he admitted. I accepted his apology. 

POSTSCRIPT 14/11: I was told by one of the Dizzy’s waiters that Wesley has been banned from Dizzy’s by its owner, due to his many misdemeanours, and because he made it uncomfortable for another customer to be at Dizzy’s.

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