SwitchBitch Book 3 completes the Transformation Trilogy, Solo Travelling and Dancing the theme!


I have just completed writing my third SwitchBitch Book in the Transformation Trilogy, this one entitled ‘SwitchBitch: My Journey of Transformation in Travelling Solo, step by step’. 

This year was dominated by a trip of a lifetime. I had to summarise for myself and my Facebook friends what this trip had been all about, and I wrote a tongue-in-cheek story, about my journey through eight countries, walking and dancing 1,2 million steps and just under 1000 km in three months:

Many of you must be wondering about my trip, why so long, why South America and more, and why I went in the first place.

In the past three months I have been to eight countries (UK, Portugal, Spain, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil), 90 days in almost as many beds.

Perhaps you think it was to find a young hot Latin American lover? If this was the reason, it was a total fail….

Perhaps you think that I won the lottery, and needed to spend my money….

Perhaps you think that it was to continue eating at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, as I have done previously in London, New York, and in France. Or that I am a bed tester…. 

Or you thought it was to learn Español…. despite 70 days in Spanish-speaking countries, this was a complete fail…

Or that I went half way around the world to buy up the stock of my favorite MAC lipsticks … 

There were two motivations for this trip:

#. SwitchBitch Book 3 is the last book of a Trilogy about my transformation, even though I think that more books could be in the pipeline…. The focus of my new book is letting go of control, especially regarding being dominated by men, and the Salsa and Tango dances were a perfect test for me as in these dances the man leads and I am the follower. There was no better place to test these two dances than in their origin countries. Test easily passed. Traveling Solo and being happy on my own becomes a subtheme of Book 3.

#  I wanted to escape the Cape Town winter, only partly successful, only having heat in Cuba for a month, and the last few Rio days.

The top restaurant visits, as well as the winery visits in Mendoza in Argentina and Casablanca in Chile, were not planned upfront at all’.

Three months later, as I conclude this last Book of the SwitchBitch Trilogy, and think back to the last close to four years of my Transformation, I have loved every minute. It is unthinkable that I could fall in Love a number of times, always with younger men, despite there being a money issue to each of these.

I give Gratitude in my Solo travelling for the following: 

+. That I could lose 45 kg in weight.

+. That I could transform my body through the weight loss, a breast lift, and dental implants.

+  That I could cure my Diabetes Type 2 through the weight loss 

+. That I could walk the Camino twice in two years, and learn to love walking so much.

+. That I can dance myself fit, and love it so, or is it an obsession?

+. That I have learnt to Let Go, evolving spiritually.

+.  That I am reaping the benefits of giving back to Camps Bay, my new home, and one in which I lived and operated a guest house for 20 years, by helping to clean it up daily.

+. That I had sex with a gorgeous 27-year-old, the first time in 23 years, and got engaged to a 27-year-old, pow wow! Not regretting both these experiences. 

+.  That I could travel extensively in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Cuba, and in South America, on my own, remaining connected to special friends back home, but also meeting so many nice people along the way. 

+  That I could write and publish three books in three years 

+. That I am sent challenges by the Universe, to be reminded that life is not perfect and that one does not stand still, and evolves through these challenges.

Every experience on my journey of Solo Travelling since my divorce in 1981 was a step forward, teaching me to discover who I am, to enjoy life more, to work hard, to open up to others, to express love, to allow myself to be loved, and ultimately, the greatest gift, to love myself. 

I cannot wait to experience the Solo journey lying ahead for me, after these amazing close to four years of Transformation. 


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