The Sweet Service Award goes to for its amazing efficient service. I am a very new online shopper, and awarded the company a Sweet Service Award for my previous shopping experience with them. I ordered the DVD ‘Walking the Camino’ via their service, and was notified that it would only be available by the end of May, given that they had to order it in. Two weeks ahead of the delivery date I was notified that the DVD was available for collection. We were very impressed with the  service offered when we arrived at the gigantic warehouse in Montague Gardens. Almost immediately I received an email to confirm that my order had been collected.

The Sour Service Award goes to Optismile, and its owner Dr Clifford Yudelman of a dental whitening and implant service based in The Point Mall in Sea Point. I had seen the advertisement on Facebook, and called to make an appointment. The receptionist was complaining that she could not hear me, and I told her the same, she making it sound as if it was my fault. I received a message from dentist Dr Yudelman, requesting my email address, which I responded to. I noticed Dr Yudelman starting to follow me on Twitter, decidedly odd! A few days later I received an email cancelling the appointment, without explanation. Worrying is that client calls are recorded without a warning that this is done! 

Dear Ms Von Ulmenstein
Thank you for sending me your email address by Whatsapp yesterday.

My dental practice received a phone call from you on Friday 12th at 12.21pm.
You were informed by recording at the beginning of the call, that calls are recorded for quality assurance, and then transferred to my receptionist.
I was made aware after the call, that the quality of the phone line was not clear, and you had some significant difficulty in hearing one another.

On listening to the call, voice recording attached for you to review, I have decided that I cannot see you for a consultation or treat you.

Dr Clifford Yudelman
Practice owner’

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