Taking off on a new journey, to write my first book!

By the time I post this Blogpost, I will probably be sitting at the airport in Dubai, on my way to Italy, to write my first book, and hopefully not the last! 

My book will be focused in the journey of transformation I ventured on 16 months ago. Writing the content of the book is as important as is the journey of the writing itself, facing who I am, where I have come from, and where I intend to go in future. Never have I known more clearly what I want and who I am, the events of the last two weeks giving me such clear direction in my friendships and also in my writing.

I will be catching up on outstanding blogposts while I am away, and will then focus on The Book only, giving myself 22 days in a remote Italian village to finish the book. My Blog will be set aside in this time, there being no restaurant temptations to distract me from book writing (or so I hope). My Social Media presence will be far reduced, with the exception of pre-scheduled Tweets and some Facebook posts.

I am excited about this new challenge and journey. I thank all loyal readers of my Blog, and my friends, for their support over the past nine years of writing my Blog, and standing by me when it has got hot in the kitchen, so to speak.  ❤️

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