TELKOM Sweet Service and Execuline/AA/Coleman’s Towing Services Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to TELKOM, and is nominated by Rob Harris from Napier.  He wrote:…everytime I have had problems with my ADSL or Telkom connection I have called the support numbers and even though the wait has sometime been as long as 20 minutes, BUT when my call has been answered the operators have taken as long as it was necessary to deal with my problem and solve it. I have never been told that “they will get back to me” … they know what they are doing and even with complex issues, have managed to get me going. This week our ADSL stopped working and I couldn’t connect to the internet – I called Telkom and they tried to solve the problem remotely but conceded there was an ADSL breakdown – they logged the fault and within an hour was contacted by the Telkom technician, he asked some questions and told me he’d get back to me … an hour later he arrived at my house, checked my line, it was faulty … he rushed off to the exchange, came back 20 minutes later and tested again. The line worked perfectly but the ADSL couldn’t connect … he concluded there was an ADSL problem elsewhere. He went off promising to look into it. He phoned me an hour later to report the ADSL microwave link was down and was being sorted out (I subsequently heard that the whole of Napier’s ADSL was out) … 2 hours later the ADSL was restored! Yesterday, the technician phoned me at 07h00 to ask me personally whether it was performing ok. I call Telkom’s service GREAT! I know lot’s of people have issues with them, but I am a satisfied customer and have been for years and will stay with them”.

The Sour Service Award goes to Execuline insurance, the AA, and Coleman’s Towing Services.  About 2 weeks ago my car broke down in Franschhoek, and was deemed by Mercedes Benz to not be safe to drive back to Cape Town.  Following the instructions of the car insurance company Execuline, a tow-away service had to be booked via them.  Not clear initially was that this booking was done by the Automobile Association (AA), and the service was impressive initially. The collection of the car was confirmed for 8h00 the following morning. Payment by cheque was refused, but a credit card payment was agreed to, for which details would be provided when the car was collected, it was agreed with the AA contact person the evening before. However, at 7h00 on the morning of collection, I received a call from the AA, requesting credit card details, contrary to our arrangement the day before.  The AA agent said that the towing company could not leave Cape Town until the credit card payment had been made.  This had an immediate impact on the arrival time of the towing company, and therefore it arrived one hour late!  There was no apology from the AA nor Execuline, nor pro-active communication about the delay in arrival time.  I had to drive to Cape Town in the Coleman’s towing truck, and was horrified about the condition of the (unbranded) truck, which I was told by the staff was brand new – however, when I questioned why there was no speedometer needle, they said that the truck was a second-hand one, and that this fault still has to be fixed!  There were no safety belts in the truck!   We had to stop twice on our journey to Cape Town, to check why there was a rattle on the truck, and to check if my car was securely tied-down on the truck.  On the way to Cape Town, the driver constantly took and made calls on his cellphone!  Despite reporting my dissatisfaction with this experience to my insurance broker, no one from the AA and Execuline has called!

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6 replies on “TELKOM Sweet Service and Execuline/AA/Coleman’s Towing Services Sour Service Awards”

  1. I am glad that Rob Harris had such great service from Telkom, We always had great service until this week. We upgraded our wireless modem on Monday and after hours of trying to get hold of the right person, being put on hold, being cut off, being told that their systems were down and then up again and then the 24/7 helpline was closed, after being told that they can’t talk to me, just my husband(!, then that the password was no longer valid but the person who can sort it out, wasn’t there, it was fixed yesterday (Thursday) morning. Definitely a sour award from me for their service this time around.

  2. That does sound like very sour service from TELKOM Juli – thank you for sharing.


  3. Nick Jones says:

    It’s about time you got rid of that German rubbush Chris & bought a Honda!

    Nick 😉

  4. Nick Jones says:

    “rubbish”, like my typing!!

  5. Dave Snoek says:

    Good Morning Chris,
    I cannot agree more with Rob Harris (no relative of Joani’s).
    From the most simple accounts query to a rather complicated technical issue I have only the utmost respect for the Telkom ADSL department.
    And when they carry out technical upgrades I receive an email informing me of the planned down time.
    A very deserved Sweet Award indeed.

  6. That sounds like really amazing service Dave.

    Must be an Overberg TELKOM service standard, sadly not experienced in Cape Town.


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