The Silo Hotel Sweet Service Award; ABSA Sour Service Award!

The Sweet Service Award goes to The Silo Hotel. As the Rooftop Bar is so popular now, one has to book a table for it. Training Consultant Mark Bland was kind enough to organize this for me. We enjoyed a drink with the glorious views and sunset from the Rooftop, and experienced The Royal Portfolio charm of its staff, starting with Louis Page, the Assistant Restaurant Manager, who we bumped into upstairs. He immediately offered to take us to the 12th floor, to take more photographs of an even more superb view. He gave us all the time we needed. We had seen Nick Daneel as we stepped out of the lift on the Reception floor. He recognized me six months after first meeting him at the hotel, and set the lift to take us to the 11th floor. New F&B Manager Craig Versfeld came to say hello, it being his third day at the hotel, after having left the Harbour House Group, where we had met. GM Luis Pinhero also came to say hello. Our table was checked on by various members of staff, and a second order taken. Two weeks later I had a similar request, and Mark once again obliged in booking a Rooftop table. Once again the managers came to check on us, including Mark, Supervisor Brandon Kleyn, GM Luis, and F&B Manager Craig. 

The Sour Service Award goes to ABSA in the Gardens Centre, and its service advisor Steed Floris, who needed to see my ID Book to print out a credit card statement. He looked at it, and then put it down next to him on his desk.  As I needed to do a number of things at the Bank, and it being a few hours before I was due to fly to Italy, I did not notice that Steed had not returned my ID Book. It was only when I got to the Immigration counter at the airport that I realized that I did not have it, needed as I have a foreign passport. I was lucky that they allowed me to fly. My accountant picked it up with the credit card statements, but it meant a drive all the way to Steenberg to fetch it. When I returned to the branch six weeks later, Steed made no attempt to apologize initially, saying that I had left it on the counter! He did eventually apologize. I asked him why he did not call me, as I have been an ABSA client until recently, and my contact details are still on their system. He could not answer my question! 

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