Toro Wine Bar Sweet and OR Tambo Airport Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award  goes to Toro Wine and Aperitif Bar, for their generosity in inviting us to join the birthday table of Renata Cinti, mother of co-owner Matteo, when we went there on Monday evening. The table included Renata’s friends Giorgio and Simonetta Dalla Cia, and good friend and former Bridge House School lift club mom (with Renata) Lyndall Erasmus.  Grazie! 







The Sour Service Award  goes to ACSA and its OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, nominated by Mike Said:  “Without fail there are no smoking signs at each and every entrance/exit and without fail there are people leaning against these signs and smoking. This makes entry and exit through those doors a most unpleasant experience not to mention a health risk. I am certain that it is contrary to some law but it is not so much for that reason that I bring it to your attention.  Walk out of any of the doors and you are met with plumes of smoke and discarded cigarette butts scattered over the ground (is there anything less considerate than a smoker?).  Now I have also noticed the EXCEPTIONAL job that the traffic marshals are doing in ensuring that nobody is able to park for a second longer than is permitted. I have seen cars being chased away and towed away. In fact I myself have had to wait as my driver circles the airport if my luggage is fractionally delayed. Now you may sight that this is a safety aspect and I fully agree but then so is the health of the millions who must pass through (the) doors every month”.


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6 replies on “Toro Wine Bar Sweet and OR Tambo Airport Sour Service Awards”

  1. Howard says:

    Surely Toro Wine and Aperitif Bar have bribed you to get the Sweet Award. Personally I would give then the Sour award for not inviting me. Not a very unbiased award !!!!!

  2. How nasty Howard, so early in the morning.

    I don’t allow myself to be ‘bribed’ by a glass of wine and some Italian snacks.


  3. Maggie says:

    I fully agree with the sour award but let’s face it: it applies to CT International Airport, every single shopping mall out there and quite a few restaurants.

    You have to wade through plumes of toxic gas when entering the Waterfront (even through the underground parking garage).

    Restaurants that allow patrons (and their staff!!) to smoke just outside the entrance are also breaking the law – seriously off-putting & we endeavor to not visit them again – hate going into a restaurant after passing through a smoke cloud with clothes reeking & taste buds completely messed up. And I haven’t even mentioned waitrons smelling of smoke…

  4. I absolutely agree Maggie.

    I don’t understand that anyone still smokes in this (healthy) day and age!


  5. David Snoek says:

    Hear, Hear.

    Hi Chris, we wanted to visit a restaurant close to the Village Square in Hermanus specialising in Spanish cuisine recently and walked away disgusted. They do not cater for non-smokers at all. On complaining to the waitress (owners daughter) we were looked up and down and rudely told,”Well this is a smoking restaurant you know.”
    What tripe.
    Talk about attitude…

  6. Annika says:

    Yes, one should just banish all smokers from the planet! Come now, calm down everyone. Be happy that smoking isn’t allowed inside most restaurants and if you are still so bothered go elsewhere. I find this whole evil-smokers-must-be-extinct campaign a bit tiring too…

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