WhaleTales Blog and SwitchBitch Book 3 go on a new exciting adventure, step by step!

Today is the first day of a three-month adventure on three continents, and including five countries. Not only is it a personal journey, but it also completes my SwitchBitch Book 3 which I stated writing two months ago, and gives me the opportunity to visit and review restaurants I eat at on my Blog.

I had originally planned to travel to Cuba last year, but as it entails detail planning, I had to drop the country from my itinerary. This year Havana as well as Buenos Aires are on my itinerary, a spiritual growth awaiting me in learning to dance the Salsa and Tango, respectively, as both dances usually have the man leading and the woman dancer following, giving up control. This is my goal, in learning to let go of control, even though I am much better at control issues already. The experiences in visiting Havana and some other parts of Cuba for the first time, and a second visit to Buenos Aires, will become a travelogue on my Blog and in my SwitchBitch Book 3 too. 

Spirituality was a new life lesson I learnt from Graham Goble when we met three years ago, he not only being the catalyst to my weight loss of 45 kg, the subject of my first SwitchBitch Book, but also about letter go of aspects of myself which no longer serve me, as well as him, when I discovered the joy of Self Love first. On my Transformation journey I have met interesting people and made new friends, and discarded three important relationships in the last three years, the latest one as recently as Tuesday. 

But I digress. As I wanted to visit my son and his partner in the UK, and loved walking the Camino so much last year, doing 460 km in 21 days, the beginning of a new fitness journey for me too, I decided to walk the Portuguese Coastal Camino prior to flying to Havana. I have never been to Portugal, and I hear rave reviews. I am sightseeing in Lisbon and in Porto first, and walk a distance of about 300 km over 14 days from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, on my own, a new challenge for me, hugging the coastlines of Portugal and Spain for most of the journey. 

Being on the road for the three months means that I will not be able to write as frequently as I do now, and trust that my Blog readers will forgive me, and will find my reports about this journey of interest. 

Currently I have the challenge of restoring my Facebook, Instagram and Gmail accounts, all three having been hacked while I was in the air, traveling to the UK on Monday. My son is working on this and we are hoping to get them back up soonest. 

I invite you to come on my journey of a lifetime with me. Thank you always for your support of my Blog and the SwitchBitch books, and my exciting life journey. 

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SwitchBitch Book 1: My Journey of Transformation from Sour to Sweet! 

SwitchBitch Book 2: My Journey of Transformation in walking the Camino, Sole to Soul!

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