WhaleTales Tourism, Food, and Wine news headlines: 14 – 16 June

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, and Wine news headlines

*  Despite an international ban on whaling, Japan has announced that it has killed 30 Minke whales in its ‘research‘ program.  The Japanese government is planning to apply to the International Whaling Commission for permission to hunt whales from next year again.

*   Babylonstoren has received a fantastic write-up on the online Forbes site, entitled ‘Harvest the Colourful Bounty at Babylonstoren, South Africa, and praised it as follows: ‘Easily the most  vibrant and distinct of all converted farms in the valley‘.

*   Grazia magazine calls Hallelujah on Kloofnek Road The Hottest restaurant in Cape Town‘ and describes it as the ‘2014 It restaurant’, for its interior decor and its lobster rolls and slow-roasted pulled pork buns.

*   Airlines servicing South Africa are unprepared for the new controversial Department of Home Affairs’ Immigration Regulations, not having been briefed by the Department.   Airlines could refuse passengers boarding if their paperwork is not as per the new regulations.  The Board for Airline Representatives South Africa is requesting a twelve month delay in implementation of the regulations. Airlines will have to amend their cancellation policies to take the new regulations into account, should passengers be stranded.

*   The Toronto Sun praises the role played by Ken Forrester in improving the popularity of Chenin Blanc locally and internationally, South Africa being the largest producer in the world of this varietal. Research conducted by the University of Stellenbosch highlighted two distinct types of Chenin Blanc made by South African winemakers, as perceived by wine drinkers: fresh and fruity, or rich and ripe.

*   Grumpy Chef Giorgio Nava is likely to be even grumpier in not having won the 2014 Pasta World Championships, a title which he won last year.  This year Nava’s dish was named ‘Cape Town Peppadew meets the best of Parma’, and made the top four of 25 dishes presented. The winning dish was awarded to Chef Luca Torricelli from Argentino restaurant in Lugano in Switzerland, who made Sicily prawns spaghetti with Mojito.  Only chefs certified as Italian Cuisine Master Chefs may participate in the competition, which aims to enhance the popularity of pasta. 

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