WhaleTales Tourism, Food, and Wine news headlines: 27 June

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, and Wine news headlines

*   Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom has reacted to the changed Immigration Regulations for the first time, disappointingly so, in not taking a strong stand against the Department of Home Affairs! Minister Hanekom placed the blame for the legislation at the door of the Department of Home Affairs, but supported its actions in its attempt to stamp out child trafficking. Global best practice in this regard would be studied, he added.  He promised to evaluate the ‘well-intentioned measures‘ in their impact on international tourist arrivals.

*   The Spectator tasted two South African wines out of a selection of four ‘Politically correct wines worth drinking’, describing them both as a pleasure to drink and having an economic benefit, which the writer described as ‘philantrophic consumption‘! BlouVlei Collection (from Mont du Toit Cellar) Sauvignon Blanc (vintage not divulged, and not to the writer’s liking) and Springfontein Terroir Selection Chenin Blanc 2011 were supplied to the writer by Private Cellar in the UK.
*   Café Paradiso served ‘Homeland’ actress Claire Danes and actor and director Sean Penn earlier this week, and regularly attracts local and international celebrities, including Kris Kristofferson, Hilary Swank, Denzel Washington, and MasterChef Australia judge and chef Marco Pierre White.
*   Americans are better tippers than travelers from France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Russia, and the UK, when on holiday.  Almost two-thirds of Americans tip, while on average only 27% of the seven other countries tip.  The Italians and Spaniards are the worst tippers, at 11%.  The British are close to the proportion of the average when it comes to tipping.   Americans feel obliged to tip for almost everything, many feeling guilty if they don’t, but some don’t if the service is not good enough or if they are asked to tip, which unfortunately happens locally at top establishments too!
*   A survey conducted amongst European travelers shows that Western Europeans are most likely to travel to the USA until 1 August, and Eastern Europeans to travel within Europe.  Paris is the most booked destination within Europe, followed by London, while New York is the most popular USA destination.
*   Vergelegen wine estate is losing both its chefs.  Chef PJ Vadas of Camphors restaurant leaves at the end of July, while Stables’ Chef Gary Richardson leaves at the end of September.

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