SARIE KOS editor Herman Lensing is most creative in packaging his gift of the latest issue, which he has hand-delivered to me. The Winter issue is dressed in a paper jacket and filled with Winter warming food and drink ideas.

The Winter issue is sewn together in a paper ‘coat’, and Herman writes in the introduction that SARIE KOS is filled with ideas to ‘armour’ one against the cold. His gift was accompanied by an enamel Jaffle Maker, and his food supplement contains a recipe for curry carrot jaffles. 

Pancakes are a focus too, and the front cover shows a delectable stack of rolled pancakes. The supplement also contains recipes for traditional ‘soetkoekies’ as well as a chocolate tart. A traditional Bredie also is offered as a winter warmer. Carrot is king, and recipes for a carrot and cumin soup, carrot salad, and a delicious looking chocolate carrot cake are offered. The ‘braaibroodjie’ accompanying Braais gets a face lift, with prawns, and with mushrooms! Chicken too is featured, with recipes for satay chicken wings, Parmesan and Sage battered chicken, a chicken salad, chicken kebabs, Indian chicken, and chicken and cucumber rolls.

A Christmas in Winter feature offers a menu of stuffed trout, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, Italian panettone with a sparkling wine icing, and spekulaas biscuits. 

Pretoria chef Fortunato Mazzone from Pretoria is featured, having recently closed his Ritrovo restaurant, and opening FORTI Bar and Grill in the new Times Square casino centre in Pretoria. 

The first winner of Kokkedoortjie, Edwin Theron, is interviewed, and demonstrates the making of ‘melkkos’, another traditional dish. 

The magazine contains many more Winter warmers, to spoil oneself and the family. 

SARIE KOS Winter issue. R45. Twitter: @SARIETydskrif Instagram: @sarietydskrif

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