Chef Jenny Morris’ Yumcious Café serves homely and healthy foods!

imageThree months ago we broke the news that Chef Jenny Morris was to open Yumcious Café in the Cape Quarter. It opened a month ago, and offers a homely and healthy eating place.  Located in the former Rocca and then Celtic Cove restaurants, Chef Jenny and her husband David have brought the bulk of the seating outside onto the covered terrace. Tables are a mix of grey concrete, as well as black top ones with silver bases, while chairs are a mix of grey and white moulded plastic. Tables have grey plant holders with a succulent plant, while the sugar stick holders and salt and pepper holders are green ceramic. Plates for the food match the colour too. Paper serviettes are wrapped around cutlery sets. A clever touch is to have laminated A5 copies of the menu on the table already, so that one does not have to wait for it to be brought to the table.

Tony Ward and I were invited by Chef Jenny to try her lunch imagebuffet today. Tony enjoyed a Perdeberg Rosé MCC, the winery having collaborated with Jenny to create wines with her own brand name. All the outside tables were full, and Chef Jenny is a perfect hostess, coming to say hello to her guests, or to sit down at tables to chat. I did not know that she had once run the Museum Café in the South African Museum for six years, her first foray into restauranting. At her side then was her right hand Chef Nancy, and she still is at her side, now as Catering Manager at Yumcious Café. Her son Ryan’s fiancée Lindsay helps to run the restaurant.

Breakfast costs R45, and is called an ‘Insomniac’s Special‘, a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, sautéd potato, toast, and juice. Lunch options are beef Yumcious Burgers (R85), with cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce, gherkins, and Smokey Yumcious sauce. A Chef’s Salad with home-baked bread is offered at R65. Yumcious Gourmet Sandwiches cost between R55 – R65, and choices offered are rare roast beef, chicken salad, egg salad, and roasted vegetable.

imageThe central focus of Yumcious Café is its ‘Weigh and Pay Salad Bar‘, which is charged at R19 per 100 gram, whether it is for the variety of twelve Yumcious - meatssalads, meats, or quiches. If one is in a hurry one can collect a container of items from the Buffet, to take home or to eat at work (Deloittes has a large space in the building).  Other persons working in the building as well as shoppers enjoy the Yumcious Café meals as well as its good Hausbrandt coffee.  The Salad Bar looked amazing, and many of the dishes are attractive in their combination of colors. Ideally one should be there by 12h00, as the favorite dishes quickly run out, and are not replaced.  Chef Jenny said that they make up to twelve different salads a day, always trying to add new ones but retaining the popular ones. My two favorites today were a Carrot (in an amazing orange colour ) and a Yumcious PrawnPrawn Salad, as well as a beautifully presented cucumber mousse with smoked salmon, topped with garlic flowers, dill, and capers, and platedYumcious - Mousse with avocado slices.

The Salad Bar table consisted of the following today, many of the dishes having a Mediterranean flair, and featured in Chef Jenny’s books:

Roasted tomato tart
Roasted Vegetable Frittata
Spinach and Feta cheese cake
Mushroom cheese cake
Chickpea salad
Butternut and sweet potato dressed with a honey ginger soy sauce and topped with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds
Roasted Beetroot and carrots, dressed with pomegranate molasses, honey  sumac, and walnuts
Fruity jeweled Barley
Seaweed salad
German Potato salad
Egg salad
Thai salad carrot, cucumber, prawns
Asian Slaw
Artichoke mushrooms and roasted peppers
Brinjals done two ways: grilled and smoked, dressed with yogurt  infused with cumin and fresh coriander
Spinach cakes
Norwegian salmon and dill cucumber terrine
Celery apple and cranberry salad
Rare Roast beef
Chicken salad
Roast Belly Pork with the most yummy crunchy crackling.

Yumcious - dessertIf one has any space for dessert, one can order a slice of Lemon cake, Chocolate cake with raspberry, or Chocolate cake with caramel, at a cost of R37. Sweet treats such as pink rose water meringues, marshmallows, and Rocky Road are also available.

Our waiter came to the table regularly, clearing used plates and glasses, pouring the bubbly for Tony, and asked if everything was to our satisfaction, a stand-out service. But it is all about Chef Jenny, and it will be a bonus for her fans if she is at the restaurant (she is very hands-on in the food preparation) and that they can meet her.

Yumcious Café, Cape Quarter, De Waterkant. Cell 083 255 3477. Twitter: @YumciousCafe Monday to Saturday.

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