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SAA wine selection scandal, perfect SA bribery and corruption soapie!

South-African-Airways-3-720x330-702x330 pouring wineCity Press reported over the weekend that SAA sommelier and Global Food and Beverage Manager, Bongi Sodladla, was feted with bribes and incentives to offer wine purchase contracts to those wineries which greased her palms.  Had Bribery Bongi not been going through  a divorce, and had her still-current husband Wonga Sodladla not been so generous with information sent to SAA last month about his wife’s misdemeanours, SAA, the wine industry, and the South African public would never have known what was going on behind the scenes of SAA’s wine buying!

We first heard of Bribery Bongi in October last year, when she appeared in an episode of Season 3 of MasterChef Continue reading →

Cape Town bids royal welcome to majestic Queen Mary 2!

Queen Mary 2 Ruan BuysWestern Cape Tourism Minister Alan Winde impressed this weekend when his office sent a media release (on a Sunday!) to welcome the Queen Mary 2 and its 2300 passengers to Cape Town.  The majestic ship entered the harbour to picture perfect weather yesterday morning, and anchored at Duncan Dock, before leaving for Durban tomorrow, and thereafter to Australia and the Far East.

In its ten years of operation, the visit to Cape Town by the Queen Mary 2 is its fifth.   It weighs as much as a 23-storey building, it has 2000 bathrooms, 3000 telephones, 5000 stairs, and its staff and passengers use one million tea bags in a year, the media release informed.

The Minister announced that the city welcomes ‘10000 (cruise) visitors to the Continue reading →