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Sweet Service Award goes to Marion Taylor Properties, Sour Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay Camps Bay!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Marion Taylor Properties, and its owners estate agents Marilyn and daughter Caitlyn, who were the first and most generous Camps Bay residents in responding to my request to Camps Bay residents to support a Camps Bay Clean initiative I have launched, employing homeless persons to clean up litter on the Camps Bay Beachfront area every day over the Festive season, and carrying this through until Easter on a reduced scale. Marion’s motivation is as follows: ‘I am very happy to help and greatly appreciate your efforts and interest in our beautiful suburb. I make a living within the community and feel very happy to give back’. The company has very generously pledged a contribution of R1000 per month until Easter. 

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Seeff Atlantic Seaboard invests in Camps Bay, sponsors beach clean-up by Straatwerk!

On 2 January of this year I adopted a stream near the Camps Bay Tidal Pool, having seen it clogged up with plastic and other rubbish left by picnickers on the infamous New Year’s Day. Since then I visit the stream every day, to clean it up, removing all the rubbish from it. A week ago Straatwerk workers assisted me in removing all the water weeds that had grown in the stream, and the rubbish that was trapped underneath the plants, returning the stream into its beautiful former self, an asset for Camps Bay and other Capetonians.  Continue reading →