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Wacky Wine Weekend: Stay-over, wine and food pairing dinner, and breakfast at Jan Harmsgat in Robertson Wine Valley!

Last weekend I was part of a group of writers which was invited to visit the Robertson Wine Valley at the start to the Wacky Wine Weekend. We were accommodated on Thursday evening at Jan Harmsgat Country House, a five star guest house, and were served an impressive Food and Wine pairing dinner, and a generous breakfast the following morning.  Continue reading →

Wacky Wine Weekend 2017: 1 – 4 June Media Visit Tasting Day 2!

Yesterday I posted an overview of the Media Visit day we spent in McGregor for Wacky Wine Weekend, my first taste of the wine event covering the Robertson Wine Valley, which continues until the end of today. It is the 14th Wacky Wine Weekend. I was unable to ascertain where the ‘Wacky’ part of the event name comes from! Continue reading →

Wacky Wine Weekend 1 – 4 June: media visit Tasting day 1!

On Thursday a number of writers and I spent the day in McGregor, to enjoy a taste of the wine and food offering of the village, invited by Hot Oven Marketing owner Mira Weiner, ahead of the Wacky Wine Weekend being held in the Robertson Wine Valley until Sunday.  Continue reading →

Rio Largo Olive Estate introduces bounty of Scherpenheuvel Valley, serves olive oil based lunch!

I do get spoilt with interesting invitations. The invite by Rio Largo co-owner Brenda Wilkinson to share in their olive feast day on Saturday intrigued, even though I had not taken a look at the directions, which took us to an unknown bountiful Scherpenheuvel Valley in the Robertson region.  Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Mo & Rose Wine Bistro disappointing, once best in Robertson!

Mo & Rose had been recommended to me as the best restaurant in the greater Robertson area, but I had not got to it to try it last year as it only operates at night. Llewelyn Lambert and I had dinner there on Friday evening, and we were disappointed with the experience. Continue reading →

Paul René MCC bubbles in Robertson, innovative packaging!

On Monday I stopped at the Robertson Small Hotel for a bite to eat and a cappuccino, where Monica van Niekerk of Paul René MCC came to greet me, she having been surprised at the hotel with a stork party for the imminent birth of her daughter. She contacted her husband Henk, and he in turn contacted me, inviting me to a tasting of their sparkling wines. Continue reading →

HQ 2017 #FineWining pairing dinners launched with bubbly Graham Beck evening!

On a day that was already going well, it was hard to imagine that it could get even better with an invitation to attend the 2017 launch of the #HQFineWining (what a clever hashtag) series of food and wine pairing dinners. Graham Beck bubblies were served and we were told that bubbly pairs well with all kinds of foods, including the well-known HQ steak! Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Four Van Loveren cousins dominate Four Cousins restaurant in Robertson!

Whilst I spent a week in McGregor earlier this month, I visited Robertson for part of a day, shopping with friends, but also enjoying lunch at the recently opened Four Cousins restaurant owned by Van Loveren, at the entrance to the town on the Worcester side. I was impressed with the quality of the food and vast selection of dishes offered on the menu. Continue reading →

Little interference in making Springfield wines, focus on pH and balance of its wines!

opendoor-entranceYesterday I attended two tastings of the Robertson-based Springfield Estate wines at OpenWine Pair Shop on Wale Street, a central tasting facility offering a selection of South African wines. I was impressed with the personality of co-owner Jeanette Bruwer, which came through in the evening tasting in particular! She introduced her wines in a consumer-friendly fun and natural manner. Continue reading →