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Uber Sweet Service and SA Express Sour Service Awards!

uber-new-logoThe Sweet Service Award goes to Uber, and its driver Zaid Fakir who drove me from the city back to my home. The radio in his vehicle was tuned to Kfm, and he agreed to up the volume as presenter Carl Waiste was playing very good music. When I had to take a call, he turned down the volume, and turned it up again when I had completed the call.  When I was in Johannesburg last month I noted that some of the Uber drivers asked one for one’s radio station choice!



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City of Cape Town Sweet Service and Sour Service Awards!

CBDriThe Sweet Service Award goes to the City of Cape Town for the wonderful work it has done to enlarge and soften some of the curves on Camps Bay Drive, which was re-opened on Monday after almost eight months of construction, unfortunately running late by two months. The cost of the upgrade was R30 million. Odd is how Councillor Jacques Weber started crowing about the opening one day before, when he did not utter one word of feedback or sympathy to residents of Camps Bay and Hout Bay, who were severely inconvenienced by the road closures. The highlight is the creation of a new tourist stop on Continue reading →

Uber delivers ‘gourmet burger’ lunch to home or office tomorrow!

Uber BurgerEat Out and Uber are collaborating in delivering two ‘gourmet burgers‘ (minimum order) to one’s home or office tomorrow (30 October), in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. This will become a monthly service.

The ‘lunch on-demand‘ service will deliver the ‘gourmet burgers‘ (can the adjective apply to a burger, one asks), made in Cape Town by The Hoghouse Brewing Company, in Johannesburg by DW Eleven-13, and by 9th Avenue Bistro in Durban, at the cost of Continue reading →

Uber/Checkers Sweet Service and MTN/City of Cape Town Sour Service Awards!

imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to the Heritage Day/National Braai Day joint Checkers and Uber promotion yesterday, whereby a 1 kg pack of Checkers Boerewors was delivered to one’s home by Uber, at a charge of R60 to one’s Uber account. The delivery was made in an unbelievable delivery time of seven minutes from placing the order via the Uber App! Continue reading →