Allee Bleue Sweet and V&A Waterfront Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to Desmond Spangenberg at Allee Bleue, a wine estate outside Franschhoek.   The estate has undergone a transformation in keeping its boom open and being welcoming to visitors, after years of keeping it closed and questioning visitors as to what they want!    The restaurant on the estate serves lunches and breakfasts at the most reasonable prices, and the menu contains out of the ordinary dishes.   The latest and most welcome addition to the service range is a free wireless ADSL service, which unfortunately is not made known to the patrons of the restaurant. 







The Sour Service Award goes to the V & A Waterfront for their parking machines being out of order in the basement section underneath the Nu Metro cinema.  A first machine did not accept any notes, and the next one accepted a note, but then jammed and would not release the ticket after payment.   It took 10 minutes of ringing the service bell for someone to respond – he sits next to the parking machines, but is not immediately visible to customers.  Once the problem was explained to him, he said the customer should drive out, and press the button at the boom – it took 20 minutes for him to respond and open the boom! 











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