Chef Reuben Riffel has a New Year’s Day Family ‘Feast’ on M-Net! (reposted)

Feast 3 Ep3_reuben_review_art_lg-921x526 Reuben's family

In the third episode of the ‘Feast‘ four-part mini-series on New Year’s Day, the focus was on  Chef Reuben Riffel, following in the ‘Feast‘ footsteps of Chefs Pete Goffe-Wood and Marco Pierre White.

Before preparing his ‘Feast‘, Chef Reuben took a drive to some of his favourite food suppliers, including Malan’s Dairy; Ryan Feast 3 Reuben 2Boon for the finest-quality beef for the slow-roasted flat ribs he prepared for his New Year’s Day ‘Feast’;  and Rozendal Vinaigrier in Stellenbosch, for their vinegars, which he often uses in his cooking.  He visited his childhood home, sharing memories, and getting excited about December, for it being the festive season, reminded him of his school holidays when he was a child, and it is also his birthday month (his birthday is on 23 December).

Chef Reuben grows vegetables and herbs in his own garden in Franschhoek, as did his grandfather, and he used some of them in the preparation of his New Year’s Day dishes.  His wife Maryke laid the table, and his daughter Latika tried to lend a helping hand to her mother as well as her father.  The table centrepiece was a plant holder with herbs.  Reuben’s family gathered around the table for the New Year’s Day ‘Feast‘. Special guests were his mother and 90 year old grandmother, both of whom have had a strong influence on his love for food.

Chef Reuben took no shortcuts in the preparation of his ‘Feast’, scraping seeds out of vanilla pods for his crème brûlée, and making apple juice from Granny Smith apples for his marinade. Chef Reuben loves Asian flavours, despite never having traveled to Asia.

Chef Reuben’s ‘Feast’ consisted of the following dishes, with the recipes for each dish available here:Feast 3 Praw and Tomato salad

*   Prawn and tomato salad with avocado, grape fruit, and Nam Jim dressing.

*   Beetroot salad and candied walnuts, apples, sultanas, goat’s cheese, and vinaigrette.

*   Baby chicken and cucumber pickle

*   Feast 3 Reuben ribsSlowroast flat rib with honey and star anise, slow cooked in four hours at a low temperature.

*   Crème Brûlée (his mother’s favourite dessert) with crème fraîche sorbet, and Noble Late Harvest poached seasonal berries.

Speaking to Chef Reuben Riffel about ‘Feast‘, it appears that none of the four chefs have seen the episodes before they were broadcast, not even their own. Chef Benny Masekwameng’s ‘Feast’ will be broadcast on 8 January.

NOTE:  This blogpost is reposted, as its original was lost when our website crashed earlier this week.

‘Feast’M-Net. Thursdays 19h30, until 8 January.

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  1. Mart-mari says:

    I cannot find the recipes on the website or when they redirect me to M-Net.
    I made some of these recipes before, but unfortunately lost it. Would you be so kind to email them to me?
    Kind regards.

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