Ria’s Pools Sweet Service and Pick ‘n Pay Franschhoek Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Ria’s Pools in Franschhoek, a previous recipient of a Sweet Award.  I called Ria to ask for assistance with a garden service and DIY service, and she was able to organise both on the same day, not only in terms of a quote, but also the execution of the services, an unheard-of service level in Franschhoek!


The Sour Service Award goes to Pick ‘n Pay’s Liquor department in Franschhoek. In one day last week I received poor service twice!   I had to return Amstel beers which we had ordered via our weekly Whale Cottage Franschhoek shopping on two occasions, having first received them in glass bottles, and then in large cans purely because they were out of 330ml cans of Amstel.  Every error means another piece of paper.  I was not called, which is the procedure, to check on which size of Amstel we wanted.  I was looking for a champagne stopper, and called the store, and this department specifically, to ask if they stock them.  I was told that they do, and that they have different kinds, so I said I would come and check which one I wanted to buy.  When I arrived, I was taken to the sparkling wine section of the store, when I asked after the ‘champagne stopper’!   When the staff member was questioned about this by her manager, she insisted that I had said I wanted “champagne”!

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  1. John Thaw says:

    What a fascinating debacle at the supermarket. Like something out of Kafka!

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