Dapper unique new Cape Town classic car, coffee shop, and car rental showroom!

imageLooking for parking to have breakfast at Locando restaurant at Villa 47 this morning, I had to park outside Dapper on Bree Street, given limited parking due to roadworks closer to the restaurant. It was a serendipitous coincidence, as I went inside for coffee and (surprisingly) met up with the owner of the business, imageDirk Molsen (with his wife Lauren and son Alex).

Dirk approached my table and asked me if I remembered him, having been a student in an AAA School of Advertising class I taught 25  years ago, and I remember him as a cheeky youngster! He told me that he still is, cheeky that is! After completing his advertising qualification, Dirk (originally from Hamburg) opened a film production company. Reaching the milestone age of 50, he decided to do what his passion is, working with classic cars, selling them from a showroom called Club 9.  His wife and son look after the restaurant Dapper in the same space, with a Smart car rental business being adjacent in the same building.

imageThe showroom building has been a feature of Cape Town for the past 60 years or more, serving motoring consumers, as the Ford South Africa head office, and as showrooms for Jaguar, Bloomsbury and Renault. Dirk has a five-year lease, for the bottom-floor of the building, which opened in December.

Dirk sells Porsche and other classic cars, as well as custom-made motorcycles, largely on consignment for his clients, from Club 9. Dapper coffee shop/restaurant seats about 40-45 customers inside at tables, and outside at a bar counter. Above the bar counters are Edison lamps imageand plants, some of the lamps having bowler hats as lampshades, created by Lauren. Tables have dark stained wood tops, with charcoal grey ceramic holders of sugar sticks, ground salt and pepper, and a succulent plant holder, all made by Nicky Chait.  Crockery was made by  Marianne from CaBo Design, being black with a gold edging.  I liked the Bentwood chairs, adding a classy touch. Unusual is the large column, which is covered with posters relating to the ‘Dapper’ word, coffees, and cappuccino. Air conditioning pipes are visible on the ceiling, and is a welcome addition for hot days, Dirk said. Toni and Patricia Unterberger from Rivets & Rockets were the architects and suppliers finishing off the interior, after Dirk had organized the brickwork.

imageCoffee is supplied by Tribe, which has made a specific blend for Dapper. I will have to work harder in explaining to the Barista how to make the perfect dry cappuccino!  I saw a collection of pastries (plain croissants R15, chocolate and almond R20), cakes (chocolate brownies R20, biscotti R10, chocolate chip cookies R18, crunchies R20, and giant muffins R25), and a cheese cake (R45) in the display case. For breakfast one can order a Breakfast Special for R65 without coffee and R75 with coffee. One can also order individual elements of a breakfast, eggs at R15 for two, 2 slices of bread R15, cheese R12- R15, smoked salmon and pancetta R30, and condiments R6. Eggs Benedict with salmon or bacon costs R75, Tuscan baked eggs R65, Brioche French Toast R65, flapjacks R60, pancakes R55, and more can be ordered.

For lunch one can order sandwiches with a variety of toppings (R75-R85), beef burgers (R75-R85, with additional add-ons available), and salads (R70-R80).

Dirk said that First Thursday this month was very successful for them, being the participant lowest down on Bree Street. They offer a live band for this monthly art gallery event. I will try out the Dapper restaurant imageon another occasion, and add it to this Blogpost, not being able to eat anything after the filling Breakfast I had enjoyed at Locando restaurant at Villa 47. A quick coffee pop-in turned out to be an interesting journey back over 25 years, meeting up with Dirk again!

Cape Town Dapper Coffee Co, Smart Car Hire, and Cloud 9, corner Bree and Strand Streets, Cape Town. Tel (021) 823-2444.  www.dappercoffeeco.co.za  Facebook and Instagram. Monday – Friday 7h00 – 17h00, Saturday 8h00 – 15h00.

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