Grande Provence Sweet Service and ABSA Bank Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Grande Provence, for the excellent service from Events Co-ordinator Nicole Bischhoff, Chef Darren Roberts, and the rest of the team in organising and cooking for a party of 25 friends and family of my parents, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a lunch in the Jonkerhuis on Monday. Chef Darren threw in canapés (including oysters, a favorite of the ‘groom’), an amuse bouche, a palate cleanser sorbet, a pre-dessert, and an anniversary cake, without extra charge.  To make it even more difficult, Chef Darren offered our party an a la carte menu.

The Sour Service Award goes to ABSA Bank, which is ‘redeploying’ its staff, and also has embarked on ‘mass retrenchments’, according to the Cape Argus, so much so that the trade union Solidarity is drumming up support for their campaign on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, amending the ABSA advertising slogan to ‘Today, Tomorrow, Goodbye’! We too can identify with the changes, our Relationship Manager, whom we followed from Nedbank to ABSA two years ago, and whom we had dealt with at Nedbank for years, unceremoniously passing us on to a colleague by e-mail, due to her ‘redeployment‘!  There has been no communication from the new ‘Relationship Manager’, and when we called, we were told he too has left ABSA!

POSTSCRIPT 4/4: We are delighted that ABSA has had a re-think, and has allowed us to continue working with our Relationship Manager!

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2 replies on “Grande Provence Sweet Service and ABSA Bank Sour Service Awards”

  1. Jonas Rokosz says:

    Really surprised to read that Nedbank Sea Point took only 45 minutes for a (normally) simple task. I’ve FICA’d myself at this branch more times than I can remember. My details are still not updated on the accounts and cards I hold with Nedbank.

  2. I’m not surprised Jonas. The staff do one a favour to serve clients!


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