MasterChef SA Season 3 episode 15: Top Five Foraging, Mel Sutherland ‘muscled’ out!


MasterChef 3 15 Top 5 ForagingMasterChef Season 3 is slowly coming to an end, with only three more episodes to go.  Last night it was clearly winter when episode 15 was shot in the Cape forests, the focus being foraging.  It also meant the end for Mel Sutherland, who was sent home due to an unsatisfactory ‘muscle (sic) ceviche with wild garlic panna cotta and squid ink jelly‘!

On arrival at the MasterChef SA Top 5 were told that they would have to find their own ingredients in nature. Chef Pete Goffe-Wood told them: ‘The first part of this challenge you have to find your own ingredients. And you’re going to do it in the way we’ve been doing it for thousands of years – you’re going to go foraging’.   The Top 5 were to go out into nature to gather natural ingredients from the forest floor, fynbos fields, and ocean.

The finalists met Roushanna Gray, a professional forager, who collected kelp, seaweed, and mussels on the beach with them.  ThenMasterChef 3 15 Roushana Gray she introduced them to a fynbos forest, and the aromatic wild herbs that one can harvest.  They also met Gary Goldman, the ‘Mushroom Guru‘, who took the Top 5 Finalists foraging for mushrooms, and explained MasterChef 3 15 Gorge Mushroom foragingwhat to look for in avoiding picking poisonous mushrooms.   He showed them pine-rings, excellent to use in venison stew.  Porcini mushrooms are abundant in our country, Gary said.  Making a mistake with mushrooms can be lethal, Gary said, it taking 4 – 16 hours for one to discover if one has picked the wrong mushrooms, which can lead to kidney or liver transplants!  Sipho Mdlankomo said that the foraging outing had changed the way she sees food.

Armed with their foraged ingredients, the finalists had to prepare a dish inspired by foraging.   The judges were dressed in wintry outfits, in earthy colours to suit the foraging theme!

Ian Young made a dish of Mussels served in a bed of wrack and fried kelp, in a Wild Herb Broth,  but was criticised by Chef Pete MasterChef 3 15 Polenta lasagnefor cutting two porcini mushrooms into round slices to serve as garnish.  Philippa Robinson made a Mushroom Soup with ice cream and wild herb dumpling. Sipho made a Polenta Lasagne with fried mushrooms and mussels (right). Feedback from Chef Benny Masekwameng was: ‘I wouldn’t have used polenta and the fact that you did shows how confident you are so far in the competition‘. Roxi Wardman served a Wild Mushrom Mille-Feuille with a hazelnut sauce (left), and MasterChef 3 15 Roxi Mielle Feulleshe and Chef Pete bent their ears to the porcini, imaging hearing it singing!  It was named the dish of the day. Mel’s Mussel Ceviche with wild garlic panna cotta and squid ink jelly was criticised by Chef Benny for lacking balance and vision, for being ‘all over MasterChef 3 15 Roxy and Chef Pete Mushroomthe place… it just didn’t come together for you today I’m afraid’.

Next week’s episode 16 will be a two-hour one, and will feature two former MasterChef SA lady chef guests: Pastry Chef Lorraine Meaney of Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace, and Chef Margot Janse of The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français.  Two finalists will be eliminated, leaving the Top Two!

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For the Twitter handles of the Top 12 finalists, click here.

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