Telkom Sweet and Rest Assured Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to TELKOM this week.  The telephone company is not often praised for its good service.  A request for a “nice” number for a new business telephone line, which must be a regular request from customers, was more than met when a really “nice” and easy to remember number was allocated.  A bonus was that the fax number allocated was one number up from the telephone number, making it easy to remember too.   In addition, TELKOM staff were proactive with their communication and ahead of schedule with the installation of the new telephone and ADSL lines, necessitating work from two different TELKOM technicians.   Perhaps the arrival of TELKOM’s first ever competitor is motivating the company to improve its service levels. 


The Sour Service Award goes to Rest Assured, the mattress company, which had delivered excellent service over many occasions in the past.   A promised delivery of mattresses was badly handled, and delivery only made at 8 pm on the promised day!     The company did not want to commit to a delivery time, being a little like TELKOM, and expects the customer to be present the whole day to receive delivery.  One is promised a call a few stops before one’s delivery arrives.  However, such a call never materialized on the delivery day, and numerous follow-up calls were made by the customer in the late afternoon, without them being returned with concrete news of the delivery time.  The lack of delivery information was blamed on the driver, who does not own a cellphone, and it is Rest Assured’s company policy to not provide its staff with cellphones.   This means that any delivery problems encountered or address queries cannot be dealt with by the driver, and that he has to drive all the way to the company head office in Strand to communicate these.    A special late delivery was made, to enable the customer to sleep that night. 


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