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Cape Town fogYesterday Tourism Month 2015 was launched by Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde, who spoke at a media briefing about the province’s plans to grow employment in the tourism sector by 100000 by the year 2020.

The Western Cape Khulisa Project focuses on growth-generating sectors of our province’s economy, and Tourism is one of the most important to meet this goal! Minister Winde mentioned the investment of R 179 million by the V & A Waterfront to build a cruise liner terminal, as well as the doubling in size of the Cape Town International Convention Centre, the new R680 million Tsogo Sun Hotel in the city centre, and the new (more…)

PassportsDespite the tourism industry being up in arms about the implementation of the Immigration Regulations pertaining to children travelers, which are effective from today, Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom has been silent about the matter, which he was asked to address twelve month ago already when he became the Minister of Tourism.

The new regulations prescribe that children under the age of 18 years have to travel with an unabridged birth certificate, which must specify the names of both parents. Travelers (adults and children) from countries for which visa applications have to be made, such as India and China, must apply in person, so that biometric details can be (more…)

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*      Etihad Airways and SAA have announced one of the benefits of their ‘strategic partnership’, in that SAA is commencing flights between Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi from 29 March, doubling the number of flights on this route.  Abu Dhabi is a hub, with access to India, the Middle East, and Asia.

*   The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that the profit of its member airlines is expected to grow, due to the lower oil price and GDP growth. Airfares are expected to decrease by 5%.

*   The R 2 million Sun Star sculpture on Signal Hill has unleashed a debate about the role of corporate sponsorship in (more…)

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, and Wine news headlines

*   The introduction of low prices by domestic airlines when FlySafair takes off next month will not be permanent, its competitor Mango has stated.   Prices of all airlines may be lower for the first few weeks, but these are not sustainable in the long run, the competitor spokespersons have said.

*   ‘At the present moment, the clock has not stopped’, Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba told a media conference on Friday, meaning that the new Immigration Regulations will be implemented on 1 October.  There is no timeframe for the completion of the work of the task team, which will be appointed to evaluate how the regulations can be better implemented.  The Minister confirmed on Friday that the Regulations themselves will not change.

*   When asked about the sudden resignation of Jan Hutton, Chief Marketing Officer at SA Tourism, Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom said there ‘are many sides of a story’, and said that he did not want to interfere with the SA Tourism’s Board handling of (more…)

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*  The Eat Out Gala Dinner, at which the country’s Top 10 Restaurants will be announced, will be held at Thunder City on 16 November.  Mercedes-Benz is the new title sponsor of the Awards.

*   The charity ‘Chefs who Share’ dinner, to be held in the City Hall on 11 September, will have seven pairs of top local chefs cooking for guests, each team paired with a local sommelier as well as an international Michelin star chef.  The international chefs are Gerd Kastenmeier from Kastenmeier Dresden, Alfred Miller from Wirtshaus Schöneck Innsbruck, Andreas Meyer from Schloss Prielau, Christoph Geschwendtner from Schlosshotel Fiss, Anton Schmaus from Restaurant Storstad, Bernard Reiser from Restaurant Würzburg, and Christian Grainer from Christian’s Restaurant.  (received via media release from Amplicon PR)

*   Table Bay Boulevard is to be named after former President FW de Klerk, it has been recommended by the City of Cape Town’s Naming Committee, subject to a public participation process.  The recommendation has been supported by Premier Helen Zille and former Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

*   Huffington Post’s Travel Blog interviewed Chef Luke Dale-Roberts of Eat Out top restaurant (more…)

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*   The South African Wine Tasting Championships 2014 will be held at the Hilton Hotel on 2 August.  Each participant will taste 50 wines, whereafter they must identify 10 wines tasted blind, out of the 50.  The 50 highest scoring participants will participate at the World Championships at Champagne Bollinger in October. (received via media release from Jean-Vincent Ridon)

*   The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) has warned that the new Immigration Regulations could affect the profitability of airlines serving South Africa, in that they ‘might stop people travelling‘, even if they were ‘well intentioned‘.

*   London is the most visited city in the world for the third time in four years, according to the MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index.  The survey estimates that the city will receive 18,7 million visitors this year, beating Bangkok, which was ranked first last year.  Paris, Singapore, and Dubai also fall into the Top 5 visitor cities list. (more…)

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*   The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is encouraging its members to use IT to improve the customer experience, saying that airlines ‘fly people and cargo, not planes‘. Consistency of customer experience is not yet satisfactory for airlines, with little differentiation. Customers would like to use IT to check in online, tag luggage themselves, board themselves, and collect bags themselves, an IATA survey found last year.  IATA’s goal is that 80% of passengers have a ‘self-service suite based on industry standards‘ available to them by 2020.

*   PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is not known as a Tourism consultancy, so its prediction about our country’s tourism future is a surprise.  Its report presents growth of 4% in international tourists 2013, far lower than the 10% growth in 2012.  Growth is said to be solid and good, but ‘not fantastic growth‘.  Almost three quarters of international visitors to our country are from Africa, the report confirms.  Nigeria would become the leading source market for our country, the PwC study predicts.  The Guest House category is the fastest growing in respect of room availability.  South Africa’s strength is that it attracts leisure as well as business travelers.

*   France must be feeling the tourism pinch, having announced plans to become more welcoming to tourists, English speaking ones in particular.   The country hopes to increase tourist numbers to 100 million, (more…)

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*  Despite an international ban on whaling, Japan has announced that it has killed 30 Minke whales in its ‘research‘ program.  The Japanese government is planning to apply to the International Whaling Commission for permission to hunt whales from next year again.

*   Babylonstoren has received a fantastic write-up on the online Forbes site, entitled ‘Harvest the Colourful Bounty at Babylonstoren, South Africa, and praised it as follows: ‘Easily the most  vibrant and distinct of all converted farms in the valley‘.

*   Grazia magazine calls Hallelujah on Kloofnek Road The Hottest restaurant in Cape Town‘ and describes it as the ‘2014 It restaurant’, for its interior decor and its lobster rolls and slow-roasted pulled pork buns.

*   Airlines servicing South Africa are unprepared for the new controversial Department of Home (more…)

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*   Red Savannah Gourmet South Africa has prepared an 8 day gourmet wine and dine package for American visitors to the Cape.  The tour includes a visit to Babylonstoren, where they stay over, and go on a tour of the vegetable garden, and do wine, cheese, olive, and chocolate tastings in the area.  In Cape Town they learn Cape Malay food preparation, and spend time with top chefs Luke Dale-Roberts and Bruce Robertson.

*   A tough year lies ahead for airlines, which have seen capacity increase, and reduced numbers of locals flying domestically, due to the airline rate increases driven by the weak Rand and fuel prices, says Comair CEO Erik Venter.

*   Wine blogs help create brand awareness and pack recognition, but their direct effect on sales cannot be measured, as is the case with any media coverage.   However, mentions of a wine brand on JancisRobinson.com, Vinography.com, BiggerthanyourHead.net, Terroirist.com, and even 1WineDude.com can show an immediate impact on wine sales.

*  The 24th anniversary of the release of the late Nelson Mandela from the former Victor Verster prison outside Paarl will be commemorated with an  Anglo-Zulu war exhibition at  The Castle, which opened yesterday. (more…)

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*   Every day the world’s airlines fly 8 million passengers around the world, a total of 3,1 billion in 2013, breaking through the 3 million passenger mark for the first time.  More than 50 million tonnes of cargo is transported annually, and the airline industry’s direct global economic contribution is $540 billion.

*   South African wines will be represented at the Wine Buyers Forum Windsor 2014, at which buyers with a buying power of $2,2 million each will attend on 10 and 11 March.

*   The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports that passenger numbers stabilised in November 2013, relative to the same month a year prior, with a growth of only 4%.   The Middle East had the highest growth rate at 10%, while Africa saw a decline (more…)