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imageSOURCE restaurant opened in the Hemel-en-Aarde Wine Village at the beginning of this month, and word has already spread about the quality cuisine which Chef Warwick Taylor offers at reasonable prices. (more…)

imageFor the fourth year Hermanus FynArts is showcasing and celebrating the best of South African Arts, from 10 – 19 June. The theme of the Festival this year is ‘French Connection’. (more…)

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*   Award-winning winemaker Gottfried Mocke of Chamonix is to move to Boekenhoutskloof in September, joining Marc Kent and his team, writes Tim James. Assistant winemaker Thinus Neethling will take over from Mocke.

*   Tomorrow the Provincial Regulating Entity will consider verified Uber license applications, which have been supported by the City of (more…)

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, and Wine news headlines

*   SAA is pursuing a new procurement policy of aircraft parts, services, and supplies from ‘Black industrialists’.  A funding pool is to be established, to help such industrialists to set up their businesses.

*   All passengers travelling with children, arriving in or departing from one of our country’s airports, are subject to the new Immigration Regulations from 1 June onwards.  This applies to South Africans too, and not just to (more…)

Platter's South African Wine Guide 2014 'Aquamarine' EditionIt was a boisterous Diners Club Platter’s South African Wines 2014 ‘prize-giving’ last night, with a record 80 wines receiving the much-desired 5 star accolade, selected blind-tasted from double the number of 5-star finalists.  It was an evening that honoured publisher Andrew McDowall, and saw new publisher JP Rossouw in action for the first time.

A number of records were set last night, with the largest number of wines evaluated ever, at 7434, there being 49 new entries, and close to 900 producers of wine in the Guide.  After an absence, brandy and sherry-style wines were awarded again.

On arrival, sipping Klein Constantia MCC, a number of well-known winemakers and estate owners were visible, giving one a taste of some of the 5 star winners, including last year’s Winery of the Year winner Gottfried Mocke of Cape Chamonix, Mike Ratcliffe of Warwick, Razvan Macici of Nederburg, Anthony Hamilton Russell, Johann Laubser of Delaire Graff, and Ginny Povall of Botanica.    We commented that it was wonderful to see so many women winemakers amongst the top 5 star recipients!  Once we were allowed to enter the venue at the Vineyard Hotel, the wines were displayed in groups, for one to taste and to see the 5 star winners by their presence.

David Hughes sang the praises of Andrew, and his direct involvement with 29 of the 34 Platter’s Wine Guides.  He described Andrew as a man ‘massive in character’, who has a nickname ‘Grunter‘, who got himself smuggled into a Nederburg Wine Auction via the boot of a car when he did not receive an invitation, who fell onto a cannon at the bottom of the steps of the Mount Nelson when he slid down the bannister at his 40th birthday party, a man one can trust when he gives you his word, ‘and a hell of a good guy‘, warning JP that he has big boots to fill in taking over from Andrew.  There was roaring applause for Andrew.

Andrew looked well, and his dry humour was on full form, saying thatPlatter's Andrew McDowall Whale Cottage Portfolio the romance with Diners Club last year had led to marriage during the year.  He was full of praise for his ‘young, strong and virile’ successor JP.  He was proud that the edition was printed locally and not in Singapore.  He revealed the ‘Walker Bay blue’ cover, saying that they had considered calling it ‘Pendock sea sick’, which brought the house down!  He praised editor Philip van Zyl as the ‘most ethical man’, which led to applause from the floor. The 80 5 star winners include 7 brandies, up from 62 last year.  I asked Andrew what he would be doing with his time, and he said he wasn’t sure, but getting better at bridge is one of his goals. (more…)

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, Wine news headlines

*   Wellington is hosting a food and wine festival on 14 September, it has cleverly called Fork & Cork.

*   The Western Cape is hoping to attract 100000 cycle tourists by 2023, reports Southern Africa Tourism Update, and is working with the Dutch Embassy in conducting an economic impact study.

*   SA Tourism expects tourism growth of 8% from Germany in the next year, lower than the 13% growth achieved in the past year.  Interesting is that 70% of Germans still book their holidays via travel agents, even though they do extensive research about the holiday themselves in the internet.

*   The shares of listed UK travel companies are seeing a drop, due to the UK heatwave, reports TravelMole.

*   BA has developed ‘movie-flavoured popcorn‘ for a film festival to be held in London next week, including ‘shark bite’, ‘shaken and not stirred Martini’, and ‘suncream’ flavours, and may serve them on flights in future. (more…)

One of South Africa’s top wine estates, Hamilton Russell Vineyards from the Hemel & Aarde Valley outside Hermanus, is celebrating the 30th vintage of its award-winning and iconic Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir, by launching a 5-year Vertical-Vintage pack of its Pinot Noirs from 2005 – 2009.

Pinot Noir is quoted in The Essential Guide to South African Wines as an “exasperating variety for growers,  wine-makers and consumers alike.  It is sometimes said to be feminine, alluring or capricious, but mostly it is the pursuit of richness and elegance which makes it ultimately satisfy the Holy Grail of winemaking”.  Hamilton Russell Vineyards is listed as one of the key South African Pinot Noir producers.  The 2010 Platter’s Guide awarded the 2009 4,5 stars and the 2008 4 stars, referring to it as ‘long a local classic”, and describing it as “black cherry, herbal aromas, hints of mushroom, forest floor, rhubarb”.

What makes the Vertical-Vintage Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir packs unique is that their back-labels have been specially made for the five-vintage pack, using the works of five top South African artists:

*   2005   William Kentridge

*   2006   Gerard Sekoto

*   2007   Gail Catlin

*   2008   JH Pierneef

*   2009   Beezy Bailey

Hamilton Russell Vineyards is selling 2400 Vertical-Vintage Pinot Noir packs for R 2000 each from its estate.   Only one-fifth of the total number of packs will be sold per year, for the next five years, and each year the cost will increase.   Half of the Vertical-Vintage Pinot Noir packs will be sold locally and the balance internationally.  Owner Anthony Hamilton Russell said: “While many enthusiasts have cellared Hamilton Russell Vineyards Pinot Noir over the years, there are still a lot who only encounter the wine at a youthful stage.  This vertical allows enthusiasts to really get to know our Pinot Noir and its story of place over time and through different life stages”.

The first  Pinot Noir was planted on the estate in 1976, and its first vintage was sold in 1981.   Hamilton Russell describes the ‘almost uniquely classic and “European” style within the New World, with each vintage showcasing it in a subtly different way.  This is something which has excited wine collectors and Pinot Noir enthusiasts – particularly Burgundy enthusiasts – for 30 vintages.’

Using artwork on wine labels has been done by Tokara, used by William Kentridge for the promotion of his production of the opera ‘The Magic Flute’, and more recently by La Motte, in using woodcuts by JH Pierneef on the bottles as back labels for their Pierneef Collection.

Hamilton Russell Vineyards: Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, Hermanus.  Tel (028) 312-3595.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com   Twitter: @WhaleCottage

Wine marketers are most impressive, always coming up with a new angle to market their wines.   Anthony Hamilton-Russell, Mr Ãœber Cool of Wine Marketers, took his Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc into the Indian ocean to age for two years.  The end result is a fine wine in a bottle that is covered with distinctive marine life, representative of the world’s biggest mammal that the brand is honoured to be named after, and that is synonymous with Hermanus, where Hamilton-Russell makes his wines in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley.

After ageing in 9 metres of sea water in the Hermanus New Harbour, 425 bottles of the 2004 Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc, the tenth vintage, is available for sale to wine lovers at the Wine Village shop at the entrance to Hermanus, with barnacles, seaweed and all.

Hamilton-Russell said “I wanted to make the point that good South African Sauvignon Blanc can age really well and at the same time test the theory that ageing wine under the sea slows down the ageing process. There was a certain symbolism in using our 10th anniversary vintage to make this point and we enjoy the fact that the bottles were aged in the same bay that hosts the Southern Right whales the wine is named after.”

“The Southern Right and Wine Village teams have tasted the sea-aged and cellar-aged wines and it left us speechless! The sea-aged wine was fresher, tighter, lighter in colour and less developed, while still showcasing a highly appealing additional complexity from bottle ageing. The land-aged wine has a rounder, fuller structure with more honeyed notes”, said Paul du Toit, owner of Wine Village.   “Exactly what makes the sea-aged wine fresher is unclear, but factors such as high pressure and the various vibrations of the under-sea environment are thought to play a role. Both the land and sea-aged wines experienced low to non-existent levels of ultra violet light and constant low temperatures” he continued.
Hamilton-Russell added: “Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc is sold in more than 25 countries and our bottles carry the message of Hermanus and its Southern Right whales around the world. We are proud of our close ties to Hermanus and the small role we play in drawing attention to what is probably the world’s best shoreline whale watching.”


Wine Village, Hemel-en-Aarde Craft Village, Hermanus, Tel (028) 316-3988.  

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com 

The Hamilton-Russell Chardonnay of the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Hermanus was voted best white wine at the 2009 RMB WineX show in Johannesburg,  the fifth year in a row that it has been chosen as the favourite white wine of 1000 wines evaluated, by 16 000 visitors to the event.

The 2008 Chardonnay has won a Gold Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards and the Classic Wine Trophy Awards.  It also was awarded 5 stars by WINE magazine, one of only three Chardonnays achieving a 5-star rating since 1993, and the highest scoring of the three.

Harpers in the UK voted the Hamilton-Russell Chardonnay as one of the Top 20 Chardonnays in 2001, the only Chardonnay from South Africa.

Anthony Hamilton-Russell, owner of the Hamilton-Russell Vineyards, says:  “It is also gratifying to see that local enthusiasts see high merit in – what is for the New World – an almost uniquely classically styled Chardonnay with a high level of minerality and lower than usual alcohol for the top-end.  This supports our view that the top-end of the South African wine market is far more sophisticated than many believe it to be”.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: www.whalecottage.com