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The Kove Collection launches Bilboa restaurant and Chinchilla Rooftop Café & Bar in Camps Bay!

On Saturday I was one of six hundred invited guests attending the double launch of the newest additions to The Kove Collection’s 15 establishments, most located in Camps Bay, Bilboa restaurant and Chinchilla Rooftop Café & Bar, both with a spectacular view over the Camps Bay Beach.  Continue reading →

Are there too many new restaurant openings in Cape Town and Winelands?: November 2017!

The explosion of restaurant openings in Cape Town and the Winelands in the last two months is a concern to many, both as restaurant lovers, in that one cannot keep up, and as restaurant owners, as there is not enough business for everyone.

Last month saw the opening of Seta at Villa 47, Le coin Français by Darren Badenhorst in Franschhoek, The Bistro and Deli at La Paris outside Franschhoek, Chef Duncan Doherty’s Eatery at Colmant in Franschhoek, and Boschendal at Oude Bank in Stellenbosch, amongst others.

We update information about newly opened and closed restaurants continuously, and welcome such news.

Restaurant Openings

#  Villa 47 has relaunched its Stuzzico and Restaurant restaurants, as SETA and Pierino Penati, respectively. The latter restaurant (photograph) has opened in conjunction with Italian Michelin star restaurant owner Chef Theo Penati. Continue reading →

Camps Bay restaurant collection grows to 29, exciting new restaurant openings ahead!

I had not been to Camps Bay, other than to drive through it on my way to and back from dancing at Constantia Nek on Sunday evenings, in many months. As the weather forecast for yesterday showed that it would be the warmest day for Spring/Summer to date, I drove to Camps Bay on a 30C day, to update my restaurant information for the suburb. Continue reading →

Restaurant openings continue unabated in Cape Town and Winelands: October 2017!

The explosion of restaurant openings in Cape Town and the Winelands in September is flowing into October too. Last month saw the opening of Tiger’s Milk Kloof Street, Marrow, Davy Croquettes, The Yard, Schoon de Companje in its new premises, Pierino Penati at Villa 47, and Firefish, amongst others. 

We update information about newly opened and closed restaurants continuously, and welcome such news.

Restaurant Openings

#   Tiger’s Milk has opened its restaurant and Bar Splendido on Kloof Street and Rheede Street in Cape Town (photograph) Continue reading →

Tokara named 2016 Best Wine Tourism Restaurant in SA, reflects trend to local cuisine!

imageAt the conclusion of The Business of Wine & Food Tourism Conference held at Spier over the past two days, the seven South African winners of the 2016 Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Awards were announced.  Continue reading →

WhaleTales Tourism, Food, and Wine news headlines: 12/13 April

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, and Wine news headlines

*   Forbes has published a wonderful article by Fathom travel website about Cape Town and the Winelands, describing it as a ‘mix of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Napa Valley – with a little Bilbao thrown in.  It recommends Table Mountain, penguins at ‘Boulder Bay’ (sic) ‘Beach‘, ‘design-centric’ shopping at Cape Quarter, Lion’s Head, Robben Island, ‘Victoria and Albert (sic) Waterfront‘, a township tour, Simonstown, Surf Shack in Muizenberg, Delaire Graff Restaurant, and Babylonstoren.  For shopping O.live, Nap, Merchants on Long, Monkey Biz, and African Nova are recommended.  Restaurant recommendations include Harbour House, Live Bait, Grand Café on the Beach, Bungalow, Bistro Sixteen82, The Greenhouse, The Test Kitchen, and The Round House.

*   Henco J (his surname is not revealed) from Pretoria is one of three winners of the Jameson First Shot awards, an annual opportunity to have a short film produced given to a resident of South Africa, Russia, and the USA by Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey.  The three winners will have their film produced in Los Angeles later this year, with actress Uma Thurman in the lead role in each.  Henco’s script is called ‘The Mundane Goddess’, and tells the story of Hera, the queen of Greek gods.

*   Palm Beach Illustrated writes with praise about South African wines, in an article entitled ‘South Africa Rising: Wine and Vineyard Renaissance’, and how these combine old-world tradition with cutting-edge techniques.  The article features Continue reading →

Cape Town signs agreement to host World Design Capital 2014. Logo a design disaster!

The agreement to host World Design Capital 2014 in Cape Town was signed by the City of Cape Town at the Freeworld Design Centre in the centre of town yesterday, launching an exciting journey for our city to establish itself as the centre of the world’s design industry in two years from now. Disappointing is its new logo, which was launched at the function too, resembling a headache tablet, and does not do justice to the wealth of design talent in our city!

The Host City Agreement was signed by Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design President Soon-in Lee.  Mayor De Lille said about Cape Town’s honour in having been selected above Dublin and Bilboa to hold the design designation in 2014:“What is design but the application of our humanity, and the search for excellence, elegance and solutions to the problems that we face? We don’t build cities in the ideal mode and expect them to remain that way. Cities don’t work like that. And neither does design. Humanity and all of its variety happens in between. Cities grow organically. We combine our natural energy and growth with the deliberate purpose of design. We use what we have to get to what we want. We change the inevitable by combining with the aspirational.

Being the first African city in the history of the Design Capital of the World hosting, President Soon-in Lee highlighted what the design honour means for the African continent: “This is a very exciting time for South Africa and indeed for the African region as a whole. As the world looks to Cape Town over the course of the next few years, many exciting opportunities will be presented to the city to shape and make relevant within its own context. Our aspiration for the city is to continue to provide a platform that will empower Cape Town to be a leading example on the international stage, to encourage designers from diverse backgrounds and communities to share ideas and transform objectives into realities. We have no doubt that Cape Town will bring its own unique vision to the project, making all Capetonians and citizens of this region very proud.”  Cape Town’s bid focused on social transformation as the determining factor for the city’s success.“Design needs to offer real solutions to real problems. Cape Town demonstrated a deep understanding of this in their bid. They put human-focused design at the centre of the solution for social transformation”, he added.

Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 designation coincides with the anniversary of 20 years of democracy in South Africa. Mayor de Lille highlighted the importance of partnerships: “The task of transforming the city is one that requires the energies of as many partners as possible, within our borders and without. Design is not about central planning. It is about networks that jointly make up an attitude, an approach and a direction. The product of those networks combined is what will transform this city. We sign on behalf of those partners. And we sign on behalf of the people of Cape Town. Above all, we sign for a new way of thinking, one that sees opportunities, not obstacles, challenges not dead-ends, and the roadway for other cities to follow in building a better future.”

Cape Town follows in the footsteps of Torino, Italy (2008); Seoul, South Korea (2010), and Helsinki, Finland (2012) as World Design Capitals.

Cape Town’s official World Design Capital 2014 logo, in yellow, ‘a colour signifying optimism and hope, and representing Cape Town’s urban future’, was unveiled at the signing ceremony.  The name of the designer/design agency is not mentioned in the city’s release. Its uncreative design may well have been an inside job of the City of Cape Town!

Earlier this month the City of Cape Town appointed Richard Perez to head up its World Design Capital 2014 programme for the next two years, reported the Cape Argus.  His job will be to ‘develop the city’s participation in the WDC‘, including the City of Cape Town’s design related plans.  Mr Perez studied at the Royal College of Art in London, has a B.Sc in Engineering, and has completed an executive MBA at UCT. He will focus on ‘linking the creative thinkers and the bureaucrats’, moving in both worlds, he said.  A local stakeholder forum, consisting of designers, academics, and business persons, is to be set up.

One hopes that the programme for Cape Town’s hosting of World Design Capital 2014 will be more creative and more reflective of Cape Town being the design centre of South Africa than is the city’s logo for World Design Capital 2014!

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