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It is almost impossible to summarize the goosebump specialness of being in the company of two creative geniuses on Saturday afternoon, at Salon58 No 11, with the theme of ‘Trace’ – style and fashion icon Jackie Burger and Michelin-star chef Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen.  (more…)

Popular singer Josh Groban has chosen South Africa as “My favourite Place on earth”, in a book by the same title written by travel writer Jerry Camarillo Dunn and published by National Geographic, reports www.MediaClubSouthAfrica.com.

The book invited 75 personalities to name their ‘favourite travel discovery’.   Groban has visited South Africa a number of times, the last time being just over a year ago.   He has met Nelson Mandela, who appointed him as an ambassodor for his 46662 AIDS awareness project.  The Josh Groban Foundation was established to create educational and health facilities.    He describes his visits to South Africa, and meeting Mandela in particular, as being “life-changing”.

Other personalities include George Lucas, whose favourite place is Monument Valley, Robin Williams (San Francisco), Donald Trump (Palm Beach), and Calvin Klein (Massai country in Tanzania).