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JAN the JOURNAL Vol 2 2018: Honours timelessness, feasting, KZN, and Nice, is more commercial than before!

JAN the JOURNAL has published its second volume of 2018, just before the year closed. It has taken me almost two months to look at it after buying a copy at Woolworths, the 297 page manuscript of The Jan Hendrik Group (PTY) Limited being more than intimidating in thickness, and time required to do it justice in reading it. Despite having an editor for the publication, one wonders how Chef Jan-Hendrik manages to find the time to collate such a heavy-weight Journal in his role as Editor-in-Chief, given his commitment as chef to his one Michelin star restaurant JAN in Nice, and his regular trips to Cape Town and SA.  Continue reading →

New Cape Town Gin reflects Cape Town’s role as Gin capital of the world!

imageA few weeks ago we wrote a blogpost, reflecting the question by Condé Nast Traveler, asking if Cape Town is the new Gin capital of the world. We did not know then that another new local gin brand, Cape Town Gin produced by the Cape Town Gin & Spirit Company, would be launched. Continue reading →