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Chef Peter Tempelhoff opens first own restaurant FYN in Speakers’ Corner in Cape Town city centre!

In an interesting move not seen before, La Colombe announced that its Restaurant Manager Jennifer Hugé would be leaving, after 14 years, to join a new city centre restaurant, but without providing details. Yesterday, the details were revealed, Hugé joining forces with Chef Ashley Moss in Chef Peter Tempelhoff’s new FYN Restaurant. The La Colombe restaurant group has no link to the new restaurant. 

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Will the arrival of Summer and Tourists lift the Restaurant industry in Cape Town and the Winelands? October 2018

Every winter is a tough time for the restaurant industry. With the dip in Tourism due to the water shortage, and the early and continued winter rains, the restaurants in Cape Town and the Winelands have felt the pinch, and many have closed down. We have experienced our first Summer weekend in the Cape, and more tourists can be seen and heard in our city. Will this mean a welcome boost for the restaurant trade? The new Cowboys & Cooks restaurant group is super optimistic, and plans to open more than twenty restaurants in the Cape Town area. 

Chef Richard Carstens has left Tokara Restaurant, after an eight year tenure, one of our most creative and hard-working chefs, in researching and implementing international food trends. Chef Richard has not yet announced his future plans, but initially is taking a break.  Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Victoire Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Bistro brings France to Cape Town!

It was at a dinner with Katie Friedman of Urban Lime that I heard about the opening of Victoire, a French Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, and Bistro in the newly redeveloped Speakers’ Corner building on Church Square in Cape Town. I attended the opening, as well as had breakfast at Victoire the following day.  Continue reading →

Winter 2018 a restaurant bloodbath in Cape Town and Winelands, but exciting new openings too!

Every winter is a tough time for the restaurant industry. With the dip in Tourism due to the water shortage, and the early heavy winter rains, the restaurants in Cape Town and the Winelands are feeling the pinch, and many have closed down, even some on the iconic restaurant Bree Street, as well as in the Waterfront!  Continue reading →

Restaurant openings and closures in Cape Town and the Winelands: March 2018!

New restaurant openings in Cape Town and the Winelands appear to still be on the slow side. Chef Oliver Cattermole’s Bovine Restaurant has opened. Chef Piet Huysentruyt of one Michelin Star Likoké restaurant in France has a pop-up at The Conservatory in Franschhoek, running until 15 March. Top chefs John van Zyl and Constantijn Hahndiek have left Thali and Hartford House, respectively. 

We update information about newly opened and closed restaurants continuously, and welcome such news.

Restaurant Openings

#.  Janse & Co has opened in the former Yuzu space on Kloof Street, owned by Chef Arno Janse van Rensburg of The Kitchen at Maison, with Liezl Odendaal. (photograph) Continue reading →

Is the City of Cape Town already hitting us with a Water Tax? 100 days to nightmare Day Zero!

No matter how I am economizing my water usage, the water portion of my City of Cape Town bill seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. Three months ago my bill reflected a zero amount, and I regarded myself as Proudly Water Saving! As my water usage has decreased severely, now showering twice a week only, running the washing machine every ten days, saving all grey water for the plants and mopping and cleaning, it can only be a higher City charge that is creating an increase in my water bill! Worrying is that Day Zero is 100 days away, the date being brought forward continuously!  Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Kleinsky’s New York-style Jewish Delicatessen opens second branch, on Church Square, new food hub in Cape Town!

Yesterday I met Urban Lime Marketing Director and friend Katie Friedman for lunch at Kleinsky’s, a New York Deli-style, kosher-style, Jewish cuisine eatery on Church Square, being developed as an exciting new inner-city food hub. Kleinsky’s is the second Delicatessen to be opened in Cape Town, its Sea Point branch having opened two years ago. Continue reading →

New talked-about Speakers-Corner development to include new restaurant and bars in Cape Town City Centre!

Speakers Corner mural Whale CottageThe Cape Town city centre is a gem of history, many beautiful old buildings being restored by developers and given a new lease on life.  A new 3000 m² development by Urban Lime on the corner of Church Square and Parliament Street, previously a warehouse, will become a grand 4-storey urban development Speakers-Corner, with 15 offices, a restaurant, a bar, and specialist retail outlets, it was announced at a function in the building last night.

One had to announce one’s arrival downstairs in a corner space of the Victorian building, which will become part of the restaurant, and it had a ‘Retro Woman’ mural painted by Johannesburg-based mural artist Sonny, giving one a taste of what is to come.  The building has exposed brick, original Continue reading →

WhaleTales Tourism, Food, and Wine news headlines: 14 January

WhaleTalesTourism, Food, and Wine news headlines

*   The Business Confidence Index of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry retracted by 2,5 points last month, to 88, and was also lower than in December 2013, and the lowest in the past six months.   The economic future for our country for the coming year will be a balance between the crude oil price and electricity loadshedding.  The Index being below 100 is a ‘matter of grave concern‘.

*   A survey conducted by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District reflects a young owner profile, being 25 – 34 years old;  plan to live in the city for at least another 4 years; enjoy visiting  The Company’s Garden, St George’s Mall, Greenmarket Square, The Fan Walk, and Church Square;  84% visit a city coffee shop at least once a week; 68% visit a restaurant in the city centre at least once a week;  and 66% live 3 km or less from their work.  (source: City Views)

*   South African Stormhoek Wines is the Official Wine Partner for the 40000 nautical mile 2015/16 Clipper Race starting on 30 Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: Lots of goodness served at Bread Milk and Honey!

I had seen the cutest looking small coffee shop next door to 6 Spin Street restaurant on a number of occasions, but had never got to visit it.   A recent opportunity presented itself to do a day-time visit to Bread Milk and Honey, which serves lots of bread in the form of sandwiches, and little milk and honey.

The historic building exterior is cuter than its interior, which is a deep narrow space with tables closest to the street and right at the end of the restaurant.  It has a red-and-white striped back wall, one large food poster, a massive blackboard with the menu written on it, an old undated photograph of Church Square with horse wagons, a functional pinewood serving counter, and a very patchy looking cement floor that has lost a lot of its paint covering.  The coffee shop has been open for 4 years, and belongs to Michael Knipe.

It clearly is a popular place, for businesspersons working in the area, Parliamentarians and their staff, and anyone involved with the magistrate’s court close by.  It is also an extremely noisy space, the coffee machine working overtime, and because of the buzz coming from it being full.   Parking is a severe restriction for the Spin Street businesses.

The ordinary laminated menu lists Breakfast options such as bacon toasties (R24), eggs (I had a very ordinary scrambled egg) served with two thinly-sliced delicious seed bread slices of toast (R22); oats (R16); oats with fruit, almonds and honey (R25), banana muesli; healthy muesli, with fresh fruit, honey and yogurt (R30); a ‘deluxe brekkie nibble”, being toast topped with rocket, Gypsy ham, poached egg, brie and wholegrain mustard; and uitsmeijter croissant”, containing gypsy ham, scrambled egg and grilled cheddar.  One can also order sandwiches (R26 for mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto – R42 for a Deluxe Club smoked chicken.   Toasties cost R 24 – R28.  A beautiful display of unusual muffins is sold at R12, as is scones, slices of cakes, and a most interesting-looking bacon and egg pastry puff.  A large selection of ready-made rye-bread sandwiches to take away clearly is popular.  A cappuccino costs R15, and a “Big Daddy” one is available at R23, being a ‘quadruple shot” 500 ml one.

For lunch one can help oneself to a Melissa-style self-service buffet, weighed and charged at R12 for 100 gram.  When I was there two days ago, they were serving Thai chicken curry, spinach lasagne and feta, roasted vegetables, sprout salad, raw vegetables and noodles, and Oriental raw vegetable and rice salad.  Cutlery is cheap and cheerful.  Service is extremely slow and reactive, and most customers seem to go to the counter to find some! 

Bread, Milk and Honey, 10 Spin Street, Cape Town.  Tel (021) 461-8425.  No website.  Twitter: @BreadMilkHoney Open Monday – Friday    6h30 – 16h00. 

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