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Blanc Canvas Sweet Service Award, CitySprint Sour Service Award!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Blanc Canvas in Gardens Centre, and its framing specialist Lisa Janson. I dealt with Blanc Canvas recently for the first time when I had to have a picture reframed after the glass cracked during my move. It was done within a week, at a very reasonable cost. I asked Lisa if she could assist in removing a frame from a painting which I want to send to my son in the UK, and she kindly helped to remove it, without charge. She advised that I buy a tube to transport the painting. But I struggled to roll it and fit it into the tube, so I went back to Lisa for help. She had a wider tube and fitted the painting into it, sealing the open end to make sure that it is not damaged. Once again she did not charge for her service. At least I could leave my newly purchased tube for her to use in future.  Continue reading →

Hennie’s Electrical Sweet Service and Citi-Sprint Sour Service Awards!

imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to Hennie’s Electrical in Hermanus, and its staff member Melinda, for its impressive service in regassing a refrigerator within two hours of receiving my request, without any questions about payment, which was sorted out after the regassing had been done!



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