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The City of Cape Town is under attack for its slow response time in facing the dire water shortage, particularly in respect of augmenting the low level of dam water with additional water sources, such as desalination.  Now the Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, has announced which desalination plants are to become operational, and how much water they will generate.  (more…)



Yesterday Archbishop Desmond Tutu celebrated his 86th Birthday. To commemorate this special day for one of Cape Town’s Nobel Peace Prize laureates, affectionately known as The Arch, the City of Cape Town and Design Indaba created Arch for Arch at the entrance to The Company’s Garden, next to St Georges Cathedral, at the corner of Wale and Adderley Streets.

I am not a copy-and-paste writer, but the latest statement regarding our City’s water crisis, and the severity of the drought in our province, warrants that I present Mayor Patricia de Lille’s latest statement regarding the water crisis in full below.

What concerns me as a citizen of Cape Town is that the City of Cape Town has taken no proactive action yet to augment the water supply from our province’s dams, (more…)

On 3 September the City of Cape Town stepped up its water restrictions to the next level, announcing further severe water saving measures. Compared to the previous Level 4 B restrictions, the new Level 5 restrictions retain the daily water usage target per person at 87 liters, and step up restrictions on the commercial usage of water. Tourists to Cape Town and the province will not be turned away as a result of the drought! 


On Saturday 1 July the City of Cape Town moved its water restrictions up one notch, to Level 4B, reducing the average daily consumption to 87 liters per person, from 100 liters per day previously. This move has been necessitated by the small impact that rainfall in May and June has made on our province’s water supply!  (more…)

A week ago I was invited by Silvermist Tasting Room assistant Declan to visit the wine estate next door to La Parada Constantia Nek, being in Constantia every Sunday when I dance to DJ René’s music. On Sunday I took up the invitation, and was lucky to find both winemaker Greg Louw and Declan on the estate, to do the tasting before closing time.  (more…)

The Sweet Service Award goes to W Café inside Woolworths in the V&A Waterfront and its Manager Renee Keen, who observes me arriving for a cappuccino, and knows exactly how I like it, dry and with foam and no milk, requesting her barista to make it. She also automatically brings a glass of water. She always has a friendly smile of welcome.  (more…)

Despite heavy rains in the past 24 hours, Cape Town faces a severe water crisis if the city and dam catchment areas do not receive more rain, the water resources projected to last for less than 100 days. (more…)

imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to newly elected DA Councillor Shayne Ramsay, who is a breath of fresh air in being responsive to City of Cape Town issues of residents of Ward 54, even before she was officially inaugurated. Palm fronds on Avenue Protea and rubbish left lying on Avenue Fresnaye were promptly removed when these were reported to Councillor Ramsay via Facebook, when official Council communication had failed! Her service to our Ward is in stark contrast to that of her predecessor Jacques Weber, who ignored Fresnaye almost completely, and was rude and arrogant!  (more…)

W Cafe signageThe Sweet Service Award goes to W Café in Woolworths at the V&A Waterfront, and its waitress Noëlla Kayumba.  We went for breakfast last Sunday, and Noëlla came to check on our table regularly, and wanted feedback about the dry cappuccino, and if it had been made correctly.  We did not wait long for our breakfast, and it was perfectly prepared. The supervisor came to check on us twice in the hour, and the manager came to the table too.  I had not been to this branch in a very long time, not having been satisfied with its service in (more…)