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Sweet Service Award goes to KwikFit; Sour Service Award goes to City of Cape Town!


The Sweet Service Award goes to KwikFit in the Waterfront, by Marlon and his team, for its fabulous service in repairing an unsightly scrape on my car acan amazingly low price. Two friends had independently recommended the company, based in the basement of a Waterfront parking garage. My car was done within 24 hours, sparkling and shiny clean (better than after any service), and I was given a pre-paid parking ticket to leave the parking garage. Continue reading →

Corona Virus: City of Cape Town closes all Cape Town beaches as of tomorrow 24 March 2020!


The City of Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato announced this afternoon that all Cape Town beaches will be closed as of tomorrow 24 March 2020, to encourage greater social distancing, given the number of locals who are still enjoying the City’s beaches and ocean water for swimming.

What is a joke for Camps Bay specifically is that the City Law Enforcement officers and life guards will be asked to police adherence to the new regulation, given that the Law Enforcement officers in Camps Bay police nothing (illegal vendor sales, cycling on pavements, and the drinking of alcohol on the beaches and at picnic spots)! Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to City of Cape Town; Sour Service Award goes to Standard Bank!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the City of Cape Town, for its generous once-off donation of 2000 garbage bags to Camps Bay Clean, my litter clean-up initiative in Camps Bay, facilitated by Camps Bay/Sea Point Councillor Nicola Jowell.  Councillor Nicola personally delivered the bags to my home yesterday. Continue reading →

Colourful Cape Town Carnival 2020 honours ‘Incredible Journey: Sounds of South Africa’ on 21 March!


Last week I was invited to a Media Preview of the 2020 Cape Town Carnival, at its Warehouse in Maitland, and introduced to the Carnival theme, float preparations, staff, and costumes. I was struck by the bold colours of this year’s Carnival, and the enthusiasm of the staff who we were introduced to. The theme for this year is ‘Incredible Journey: Sounds of South Africa’, and will be held on Human Rights Day, 21 March.  Continue reading →

City of Cape Town takes action against refugees at Greenmarket Square, all back to normal!


As a Tourist Guide I have had the unpleasant task of showing tourists the unsightly, smelly, and sad settlement of about 600 African refugees that had developed over four months around Greenmarket Square, outside the Central Methodist Church, and the historic Town House building which houses the Michaelis Art Collection. Yesterday the City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement Department took action in encouraging the refugees to leave, after it had won a court case and followed the process which had been prescribed. Continue reading →

Pick n Pay rolls out automated recycling machines in some of its stores, one in Camps Bay!


Having test-run two first automated recycling machines in its Waterfront store, Pick n Pay has expanded the number of stores in which it has placed its machines to three, being Camps Bay, Constantia, and its On Nicol store in Johannesburg.  This is not a minute too soon, given how much litter is generated from Pick n Pay store purchases, if Camps Bay is a sample of one. Continue reading →

SA Plastics Pact established, City of Cape Town first municipality in SA to face plastic waste and pollution!


South Africa is the first country in Africa to have joined the international The Plastics Pact, and the City of Cape Town is the first municipality in our country to have joined the South African Plastics Pact, which was established last month. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to City of Cape Town, Sour Service Award goes to Discovery!


The Sweet Service Award goes to the City of Cape Town Parks Department, for its very quick service in sawing off a low-hanging branch on Victoria Road in Camps Bay on Sunday morning, after an extreme gale-force South Easter, and for removing a tree which was completely uprooted near the Camps Bay Tidal Pool on the day after the wind storm. Given that the whole of Cape Town was affected by the storm, we were fortunate to receive such good service in our suburb. Continue reading →

Camps Bay let down badly by the City of Cape Town over the 2019/2020 Festive Season!


Yesterday was the last day of the Festive Season holiday period, with schools in our province having re-opened today, and most employees having back at work since Monday if not the week before. I took stock of what Camps Bay was like in the past four weeks, from a resident’s perspective, in writing an email to our Councillor Nicola Jowell in which I highlighted how out of control, and poorly serviced by the City of Cape Town departments, Camps Bay was. Continue reading →

Western Province Rugby moves to Cape Town Stadium, Newlands Rugby Stadium to be demolished, in 2021!

Eleven years after the completion of the Cape Town Stadium for the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, the Stadium is to be put to use again, with Western Province Rugby making the Stadium its new home from 1 February 2021, reports the Atlantic Sun.   Continue reading →