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The tide is turning, keeping the ocean clean an increasing trend!

Few of my Blog readers will know that I have taken the stream near the Camps Bay Tidal Pool under my wing, cleaning it twice a day. One piece of paper or plastic litter in a stream has made me see it all over Camps Bay, when I walk the Promenade twice a day, and sadly everywhere I go in Cape Town. I was delighted that Adidas and Parley have joined forces, to turn ocean plastic into shoes.  Continue reading →

Pick ‘n Pay Sweet and City of Cape Town Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Abas at Pick ‘n Pay Gardens in Cape Town, for organizing the same-day delivery of a grocery order, after a colleague had arranged to only deliver it a day later because she was leaving the store early to go home. Even more impressive was a follow-up call received from him, to check that the order had been delivered correctly. 



The Sour Service Award goes to the City of Cape Town’s municipality. The City of Cape Town owns many palm trees in Cape Town, but never proactively trims their dead branches. During the wild wind storms of the past few days, Fresnaye has been littered with these branches. The City of Cape Town was requested to collect a large number of branches that had come down from two palm trees, and was amazed when the doorbell rang an hour after making the request. A Council official stated that he had come to take the branches away, and asked how much he and his team (driving in a Council truck!) would be paid. They drove off, without removing a single branch, after he was told that he would not be paid, as the request had been logged with the Call Centre! The City offices were called immediately, but the call centre staff was unable to deal with the complaint about this rogue team. The senior manager Helene Bam was uninterested in the complaint of wastage of ratepayers’ monies, and bribery and corruption by City staff, saying that the details provided about the incident were “too vague”, given that the caller could not tell her exactly what the City truck says on its outside and what the reference number is on the truck! The City has one central call centre, and does not allow one to call any of its departments directly. This is most inefficient, and is not conducive to preventing the Council’s facilities being abused for personal gain by City employees.

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