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Sweet Service Award goes to Babylonstoren; Sour Service Award goes to SANTACO Taxi Association

The Sweet Service Award goes to Babylonstoren, for its very efficient delivery service. Driving all the way from Franschhoek, the delivery is free, an estimated delivery time is communicated on the morning of the delivery date, the driver usually arrives ahead of this time (under promise, over deliver), and the drivers are friendly and professional.

The Sour Service Award goes to SANTACO Taxi Association, for its calling of a six day strike of its Taxi members in Cape Town and the rest of the Western Cape province. The Association is using the strike as a means of protesting against what it refers to the unfair impoundment of its members’ taxis by the City of Cape Town. The City and its Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis is taking a hard line against the taxis breaking road and driving City by-laws. Not only is every taxi driver not earning an income in the week ahead, but so too is every employed member of staff who cannot get to their jobs via taxi in this period.

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Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths Dash; Sour Service Award goes to TakeaLot

The Sweet Service Award goes to Woolworths Dash, the delivery service offered by Woolworths. It is similar to Checkers’ Sixty60 in promising delivery within an hour of placing the order. I placed two Dash orders in the past week, using the service for the first time, and all the products ordered were delivered, with no out-of-stocks. Ice cream ordered arrived frozen, not the case with a recent Babylonstoren ice cream delivery. The admin process of placing the order was super easy, a maximum of 30 items allowed. And the delivery took place within less than an hour of the order being placed. It will be my new Woolworths shopping method, another advantage I bring that it is delivered to my front door.

Sweet Service Award goes to Checkers Sixty60; Sour Service Award goes to EbbTide Apartment 101!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Checkers Sixty60, for its vastly improved delivery service. I used the company’s delivery service about a year ago, and I was so annoyed with various aspects of the service then, including taking more than the cost of the total of items ordered, not being true to its 60 minute delivery time promise, and for doing substitutions of different brands to the ones that I had ordered. Seeing a very special offer of three Whiskas cat food 2kg for the price of two, I had a look at the delivery  service again. I was impressed with the attractive and extensive offering on the website, the indication of which items are out of stock, making it easy to nominate substitute brands or to decline any substitution. The sixty minute delivery time is still overstated, as a late evening order led to a 10h00 – 11h00 delivery, and not 7h00 – 8h00, the first next available delivery slot. My order arrived in full, with no substitutions or out of stocks, the amount booked off my credit card was as per the order, and the driver helped me bring the five bags up to my apartment. Continue reading →

Sweet Service Award goes to Pilcrow & Cleaver/Fideli’s; Sour Service Award goes to Pick n Pay asap!


The Sweet Service Award goes to Pilcrow & Cleaver and Fideli’s, both owned by Chef Judi Fourie, for the kind marketing of her restaurant and Deli on Parliament Street, at the CTICC and in her restaurant, by handing out discount vouchers to those persons who are vaccinated, a win-win for both. Continue reading →