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Corona Virus Lockdown: Eat Out helps out with Restaurant Relief Fund for restaurants making food for destitute!


Eat Out has launched a Restaurant Relief Fund in conjunction with the Community Chest, to financially help out the restaurants that have transformed their kitchens in preparing meals for  needy members of our country’s community, to cover some of their expenses. A relief package, strictly controlled in terms of Terms and Conditions, up to a maximum of R50000 is offered per restaurant. The Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund stands at R 767000.

A number of stringent conditions for receiving the Funding follow below.


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Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 12, 7 April 2020.


Tuesday 7 April 2020, Day 23 of SA Corona Virus, Day 12 of SA Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a lovely warm bed on a chilly evening last night; for a day of four seasons, starting with a lovely shower ☔️, being cloudy, and an afternoon of wonderful sunshine; for lovely morning music on Smile FM, especially the 6-in-row of the Rautenbach family, and Kfm this afternoon, getting to my step goal 🎶👣; for having wonderful Llewellyn Lambert helping me to fix a problem on my Blog; for Kfm announcing that it will play ‘South African Royalty’ every evening from 22h00 – 24h00, dedicated to local music, to help local musicians earn royalties Martin Myers; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Corona Virus: How SA Eat Out Top 20 Chefs are coping with the COVID-19 Lockdown – Part 2!


Yesterday I published a post that focused on a number of leading South African chefs, in summarising what they are doing to maintain awareness for their restaurants, what they are posting, and how they are getting involved in helping their clients as well as the disadvantaged community. This Blogpost is a continuation of the story, focusing on the remaining restaurants which made the 2019 Eat Out Top 20 List. Continue reading →

Corona Virus: My Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 6, 1 April 2020.


Wednesday 1 April 2020, Day 17 of SA Corona Virus, Day 6 of Lockdown😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for another beautiful 26C day, before the weekend rain arrives; for loving this Lockdown, yet being able to shop, fetching gloves from Litekem and some essentials at Woolies; for being able to pick up litter along the way; for receiving a Discovery Vitality Gameboard play, not getting one last week; for more dancing and power walking in my ‘gym’ today; for the Vitamin D I get from my sunshine terrace; for there being no silly April Fool jokes except one from Fairview; and for feeling good and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Eat Out Awards 2020 cancelled due to Corona Virus! Diner Support Fund Drive announced!


Eat Out has bravely cancelled its Eat Out Awards 2020, due to have been held on 22 November 2020, it announced today. It has also called on diners of the country’s top restaurants to support their favourite restaurants. Even if it’s 1 April 2020, it surely could not be a sick April Fool’s Day joke, leaving a bad taste in restaurant chef and owner mouths if it were to be one! 

With every restaurateur worrying about how it can pay its staff salaries, PAYE, supplier bills, and VAT, the last thing they would be thinking of would be getting onto the Eat Out Top 10 List. It is survival of their business first and foremost right now.  Continue reading →

Rare Grill is a master at steaks in its Steak Master Class!


I was invited by Award-winning Rare Grill steak house owner Greg Bax to attend a Steak Master Class in a venue above his Kenilworth-based steak house on Monday evening. Not being sure of what to expect, other than excellent steaks which I had experienced after it was named the Best Steakhouse by Eat Out two years running, it turned out to be a fun, informal and educational evening, being taught how to buy the correct steak, how to age it, how to grill it, and which sauces to serve with it, paired with a selection of Quoin Rock wines.

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23 SA Restaurants make it onto the 50BEST Discovery restaurant and bar list, but does it really mean anything?


It is the season of Restaurant Awards and accolades, and the newest one is 50 BEST Discovery, launched just two weeks ago by the World’s 50 Best, a credible ranked list of the best restaurants in the world. In total, 27 South African establishments appear on this new list, of which 23 are restaurants, ten in Cape Town, and with some strange inclusions. I had to ask myself what this is all about, reading the motivation for and description of this newest accolade. Continue reading →

SA Restaurant trends 2019, less French, more indigenous, lighter, vegan, non-wine pairings!



I have only just paged through the Eat Out 2020 magazine, and was interested in the article on restaurants trends observed during 2019 whilst Eat Out Head Judge and Chef Margot Janse and her team of judges roamed the country to evaluate our country’s top restaurants for the 2019 Eat Out Awards. Personally, I’m happy to see that table cloths are back in. Nothing worse than eating at a bare table, Continue reading →

Eat Out blah-blah response to the withdrawal of two top restaurants from its Awards reflects panic!


It was a rough day for New Media Publishing on Tuesday, when The Test Kitchen announced that it is withdrawing from the Eat Out Awards, just two weeks after Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient had announced the same decision from the Eat Out stage, when Chef Chantel Dartnall collected her 9th-ranked Eat Out statue.   Both restaurants have sounded gracious in stating that their restaurants are stepping back, to allow younger chefs to get onto the Eat Out Top List. Continue reading →

Is Restaurant Mosaic and The Test Kitchen Awards withdrawal a death-knell for Eat Out?


Earlier this morning I wrote about Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient showing up Eat Out when it was ranked in the Top 200 of the 1000-restaurant La Liste. At the Eat Out Awards two weeks ago, Chef Chantel Dartnall announced her restaurant’s withdrawal from consideration of the Eat Out Awards. This morning Chef Luke Dale Roberts followed suit, announcing the withdrawal of his The Test Kitchen from the Eat Out Awards, using the same motivation as that of Restaurant Mosaic. Is this the end of the road for the Eat Out Awards?! Continue reading →