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SA Top 10 Restaurant List loses one of its stars as Restaurant at Waterkloof closes down in two weeks!


It was a surprise message from Chef Gregory Czarnecki this morning that his Restaurant at Waterkloof will close down on 22 November, a Covid casualty. His future plans nor those of the restaurant space at the Waterkloof Winery are not yet known. Chef Gregory opened the restaurant eleven years ago, and he soon became known for his magnificent food presentation, and for his desserts in particular.

Restaurant at Waterkloof was named the number one restaurant in our country in the Eat Out Top 10 Awards in 2018.  Last year it was ranked third on the list. Continue reading →

Secret Supper Club at Homespun by Matt is unique Magic Music Food Wine Theatre at its best in South Africa!


It has taken three days for me to get back down to earth after experiencing the Secret Supper Club at Homespun by Matt in Bloubergstrand on Monday evening, a unique Magic Music Food Wine Theatre experience which places this restaurant amongst the best in our country. Sadly it has never been recognised by Eat Out in any of its awards, and I too had never previously visited Homespun. Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 15 of Level 1, 5 October 2020.


Monday 5 October 2020, Day 15 of Level 1, Day 193 of Lockdown. 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for such a fabulous Monday and start to a new week; for being spoilt with two restaurant invitations for today, the reopening day of Yumcious of Chef Jennifer Morris, and at Homespun by Matt in Bloubergstrand; for Henry finding Maya’s Sarong at the bottom of the pool when he cleaned it today; for a lovely weather day after a misty start; for a short sunset walk in Bloubergstrand, my only walk of the day; for a quick catfood shop at Checkers in Sea Point, offering by far the best Whiskas prices compared to Pick n Pay and TakeaLot, but such a pity that the service is so bad; for meeting such nice persons at our joint table at the Secret Supper Club at Homespun by Matt; for getting home safely from Blouberg just before curfew; for there being no damage to my car after last night’s taxi incident; and for being happy and healthy.🙏💙 Continue reading →

Extraordinary Chef Prim Reddy starts a new chapter with Indian Chapter Restaurant!


Yesterday I met Restaurateur and Chef Prim Reddy for the first time in her new Indian Chapter in Blouberg, on my way to the West Coast. She recently moved into smaller premises across the road from her former venue, grateful for this fortunate misfortune, focusing on her 20 diners with even more care and personal attention. Chef Prim is a kind restaurateur without any ego, yet strong and has exciting future plans. Continue reading →

Corona Virus Lockdown: Increasing number of Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants offering Home Food Delivery!


South Africa is two months into Lockdown, 62 days of restaurants not being allowed to open to serve sit-down customers. For the past 27 days many restaurants have reopened, operating within the Government regulation of offering a Food preparation and Delivery Service. On the eve of Restaurants being allowed to offer a Delivery as well as a Customer Collection Service from Monday 1 June, I looked at what the 2019 Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants are doing currently in terms of keeping their Restaurant brand names visible, and generating income to cover their costs and to employ some of their staff again.

I found that only three of the Eat Out Top 10 Restaurants are trading under their restaurant name in offering a Lockdown Food Delivery Service, and offering dishes that are similar to those that they offer at their award-winning restaurants. Continue reading →

Corona Virus Lockdown: Eat Out helps out with Restaurant Relief Fund for restaurants making food for destitute!


Eat Out has launched a Restaurant Relief Fund in conjunction with the Community Chest, to financially help out the restaurants that have transformed their kitchens in preparing meals for  needy members of our country’s community, to cover some of their expenses. A relief package, strictly controlled in terms of Terms and Conditions, up to a maximum of R50000 is offered per restaurant. The Eat Out Restaurant Relief Fund stands at R 767000.

A number of stringent conditions for receiving the Funding follow below.


Continue reading →

Corona Virus: Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 12, 7 April 2020.


Tuesday 7 April 2020, Day 23 of SA Corona Virus, Day 12 of SA Lockdown 😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for a lovely warm bed on a chilly evening last night; for a day of four seasons, starting with a lovely shower ☔️, being cloudy, and an afternoon of wonderful sunshine; for lovely morning music on Smile FM, especially the 6-in-row of the Rautenbach family, and Kfm this afternoon, getting to my step goal 🎶👣; for having wonderful Llewellyn Lambert helping me to fix a problem on my Blog; for Kfm announcing that it will play ‘South African Royalty’ every evening from 22h00 – 24h00, dedicated to local music, to help local musicians earn royalties Martin Myers; and for being happy and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Corona Virus: How SA Eat Out Top 20 Chefs are coping with the COVID-19 Lockdown – Part 2!


Yesterday I published a post that focused on a number of leading South African chefs, in summarising what they are doing to maintain awareness for their restaurants, what they are posting, and how they are getting involved in helping their clients as well as the disadvantaged community. This Blogpost is a continuation of the story, focusing on the remaining restaurants which made the 2019 Eat Out Top 20 List. Continue reading →

Corona Virus: My Lockdown Journey Journal, Day 6, 1 April 2020.


Wednesday 1 April 2020, Day 17 of SA Corona Virus, Day 6 of Lockdown😷

Corona Gratitude 🙏

#Grateful for another beautiful 26C day, before the weekend rain arrives; for loving this Lockdown, yet being able to shop, fetching gloves from Litekem and some essentials at Woolies; for being able to pick up litter along the way; for receiving a Discovery Vitality Gameboard play, not getting one last week; for more dancing and power walking in my ‘gym’ today; for the Vitamin D I get from my sunshine terrace; for there being no silly April Fool jokes except one from Fairview; and for feeling good and healthy. 🙏💙 Continue reading →

Eat Out Awards 2020 cancelled due to Corona Virus! Diner Support Fund Drive announced!


Eat Out has bravely cancelled its Eat Out Awards 2020, due to have been held on 22 November 2020, it announced today. It has also called on diners of the country’s top restaurants to support their favourite restaurants. Even if it’s 1 April 2020, it surely could not be a sick April Fool’s Day joke, leaving a bad taste in restaurant chef and owner mouths if it were to be one! 

With every restaurateur worrying about how it can pay its staff salaries, PAYE, supplier bills, and VAT, the last thing they would be thinking of would be getting onto the Eat Out Top 10 List. It is survival of their business first and foremost right now.  Continue reading →