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On Friday I needed to travel to Hermanus, and stopped at Terra Madre in Elgin, being overwhelmed by the energy of owner Chef Nicole Precoudis, and her organic-style home-prepared produce, which can be purchased on their farm, online, as well as at an increasing number of outlets in Cape Town, or one can have it delivered weekly to one’s home. Terra Madre is true to its promise of ‘Handcrafted with Love’. (more…)

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*  In 2013 3 billion passengers and 48 million tonnes of cargo were transported on 100000 flights per day, a World Air Transport Statistics survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has revealed.  One-third of the flights are in the Asia-Pacific region, and one quarter each in the USA and Europe.  Only 2% of flights are in Africa.

*   SAA and Boeing are teaming up to develop jet fuel made from tobacco, to improve the airline’s carbon footprint.  The Solaris tobacco plant will be the source of the jet fuel, made by SkyNRG.  The biofuels are expected to be developed in the next few years.  Similar test projects for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways are underway.

*   To promote film-making in our country, Rob Davies, the Minister of Trade and Industry, has announced the drastic lowering of the domestic film expenditure threshold (more…)