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Review: ‘Lessons from the Frogs I’ve kissed’ real and gripping, Cape Town author Krystal Kolnik finds her prince!

It was on Facebook that I saw an invitation from Krystal Kolnik that she was offering her book ‘Lessons from Frogs I’ve kissed’ for Review. Having written two books in the last two years and in the midst of my third ‘SwitchBitch’ book, plus the intriguing title, made me contact Krystal. I read the book on the rainy Election Day, and could not put it down until I had reached the last page, it was so gripping and real. Continue reading →

Restaurant Review: There are no pistachios at Pistachio Bistro in Franschhoek, review wish comes true!

Pistachio Bistro Exterior Whale Cottage PortfolioPistachio has existed as a decor outlet in Franschhoek for a number of years, first at the top end of  Huguenot Road, and then lower down the main road when it moved into Place Vendome Lifestyle Centre at the entrance to town.  Recently it opened up as Pistachio Bistro, in which no pistachios are used at all, and which does not appear to have anyone qualified to cook!  Pistachio Bistro is a total failure in more ways than one.

I have been a past customer of Pistachio, having bought cushions for my couches, and should have known that service would not be their strength, as an order for additional cushions was never received!  Two months ago a Tweet alerted me to the transformation of the decor shop into a Bistro, and I decided to pop in.  Little had Pistachio Bistro orange chairschanged inside Pistachio, the sales/payment desk still being at the entrance, the staff are still the same, and all that had changed was that a few tables for seating had been added, as had a longer table with a selection of cakes and small treats, for which there should be a good demand, given that good cake is scarce in Franschhoek. Continue reading →