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My Top 21 recommendations for what to see and do in Havana, Cuba!

I arrived in Havana on 3 July 2019, with no preparation of what I wanted to see or do, except that I wanted to learn to dance the Salsa. I was lucky that a slightly out of date ‘Cuba’ Guide by Lonely Planet was lying in the lounge of the San Lazaro BnB I stayed at. I annexed it for the more than three weeks that I stayed there, and found useful background information in it, but perhaps it contains too much information, not just focused on Havana, my only destination in Cuba, therefore making a large part of the book irrelevant to me. Much more useful was the Guidebook ‘300 Things to love about Havana’ by Heidi Hollinger, focused on Havana, divided into the various suburbs of Havana, with an address, a good representative photograph, and largely accurate in its descriptions, even if published in 2018. 

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Loadshedding impacts on Tourism, says SA Tourism!

Bedside lightsOn Kfm yesterday I heard a news broadcast, with its leading story being that SA Tourism has admitted that loadshedding is affecting tourists, making the announcement more than a month after loadshedding returned with a vengeance.

SA Tourism CEO Thulani Nzima said that loadshedding affects all sectors of the Tourism industry, including getting tourists to attractions on time, influenced by traffic lights not working.  He added that we are not the only country with power outages.

For the accommodation sector, which he did not mention, loadshedding from 8h00 – 10h30, as we have experienced in our guest Continue reading →